Palmistry : If this mountain is good then there is no shortage of money and respect

People to have disposition to achieve success in life

Mercury is not only considered to be a factor of science and trade in hand science, but it also indicates the mental state of the person and the nature of his crime. In palmistry, the place between the little finger in the palm to the heart line and the brain line is considered to be of Mount Mercury. According to palmistry, if any line from Mercury mountain reaches Mars, then such a person achieves immense success and progress in life. However, if a line comes out from here i.e. from the Mount of Mars, then such a person also becomes of vicious mind and criminal type.

There is no shortage of money and respect in the people whose Mercury mountain is developed. They also get more success than ordinary people. Such people get the most success and progress when a line moves out of this region to the Sun Mountains. In such a situation individuals become more successful in the field of science. For such people, the field of computer and technology is also excellent. In general, it has been observed that the developed Mercury Mountains do a good job in the field of science as well as technology.

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