Palmistry : These lines indicate “divorce” and “marriage”

Marriage can be predicted in Hastreline. A lot can be told about how the married life will be, how the relationship will be and how the life will be in the future. The marriage line in hand indicates a lot in a person’s life. Many people have more than one marriage line in their hands. There are different opinions about these lines. Know the signs in the life of marriage line from astrologer Sukhwinder Singh.

  • If there are two marriage lines in the hand and one is clearly very deep and the second is finer, but has developed till Mount Mercury, then it gives information about two marriages in the life of the native.
  • In the case of more than one marriage line in the hand, only the line that is most deep and clear is valid. The rest of the lines indicate the break or break of the relationship. Excessive marriage lines are indicative of divorce, post-marital relationships, and unfaithful relationships.
  • If the marriage line meets the heart line coming upwards, or if there is a mole or cross mark on the marriage line, then there are many difficulties in marriage.
  • Marriage does not occur even if the marriage line touches the health line. If there is more than one island or black mole on the marriage line, it creates fear of being unmarried throughout life.

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