Palmistry : People with such hands are very attractive (opposite sex)

signs of Attractive people

The texture of the palm also indicates a lot about the fate of the person. If the middle part of the palm is suppressed and deep, as well as the Sun and the Guru Mountains are strong, strong and raised, if the fate line touches the origin of the Shani mountain, then in this situation, auspicious yoga is formed in the hand. The person in whose hands this yoga is made is rich in stunning and magnetic personality. There is no shortage of opulence and material comforts in his life. He gets income through multiple means in his life. That day is going to double quadruple night. Such a person is very attractive. Her life is full of opposite sex people.

if the fate line starts in the two hands, goes straight to Shani Parvat and the Surya Parvat is fully developed, with redness and the sun line on it is also uncut, thin and clear, as well. If the brain line, heart line and age line are clear then it is called Gajalakshmi Yoga. A person who has this yoga in his hand, even after being born in an ordinary family, does a high standard of living with his auspicious deeds. There is no lack of respect in his life and he enjoys all the blessings. Such persons do business across the sea and if employed, they reach high positions easily. There is no shortage in life and a beautiful spouse is supported.

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