Palmistry : This planet makes a person very imaginative, Artist, writer

Palmistry : Moon planetry effects

The Moon occupies an important place in a person’s life. Moon is a factor of mind. The Moon has also been considered the closest to humans. Just as the Moon determines the fate of the person in the horoscope, the position of the moon in the hand tells a lot about the person. The Moon in the palm is on the opposite side of the planet Venus. The Moon is also called the planet of beauty and emotion. If the lunar mountain is developed in the palm of a person, then it is very intelligent and imaginative.

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Gemstone of Moon is Pearl

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People with evolved moons are nature lovers, aesthetics and wanderers in the dream world. They are always lost in dreams. Such people do not even have the capacity to face more difficulties in life. Such natives like the atmosphere of solitude. Such individuals are artists, musicians, speakers and writers. Such individuals do not work as slaves of anyone and always want to work free.
If the lunar mountain is developed in general, then the people are more emotional. A small thing shocks them. 

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They do not have the courage to face any situation inside them. Such people flee quickly after despair. If the inclination of the lunar mountain is towards Venus mountain, then the person falls so much along with being sensual that he does not understand the difference between his alien. If there are horizontal lines on the lunar mountain, the person travels water in his life.

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