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Vastu Shastra: The negative energy of the house will be away from these things, house will remain peaceful

Vastu Tips: If there is positive energy in the house, then the house becomes heaven. At the same time, when negative energy enters, then many kinds of troubles start to be felt. These problems can be overcome with these things.

Vastushastra: It is very important to have positive energy for happiness and peace in the house. Sometimes due to lack of information, attention is not paid to these things. So having these things in the house gives very good results. Let’s know about these things.

Swastik’s mark is
considered very sacred. Vastu defects are removed by applying it in the house. If someone is constantly suffering from some disease in the house, then definitely install this mark in the house. By staying on this mark, members of the family get relief from mental stress, thinking is positive. The mind of children is spent in studies. Since this mark is related to Vighnaharta i.e. Ganesh ji, it is also liberating from many kinds of obstacles.

Sun sign in the
house If the sun sign is in the house in any form, then there is no entry of negative energy. The sun sign can also be in the form of a photograph or statue. Applying it to the main door of the house results in auspicious results. Because Sun is considered to be a factor of energy and soul. It also removes the effect of Vastu defects. By putting a picture of the rising sun in the drawing room, there is peace in the married life.

Shami’s plant
should be planted in the house to avoid the inauspiciousness of Shani. By worshiping this plant, Saturn’s wrath is removed. It should be installed on the left side of the main door of the house. When the half-and-half and half-bed of water is used, a mustard oil lamp should be lit near this plant, this troubles away.

Coconut tree:
Coconut tree is in the house, the troubles in the job are removed. Honor respect also increases. Coconut is considered very pure. When planted at home, it should be taken good care of. Purity must be taken care of. It brings happiness and prosperity.

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Plant a Tulsi plant: Tulsi plant is considered a sacred plant. Tulsi is rich in medicinal properties. Due to this, many types of diseases are protected. This plant should always be green. Its drying is not considered auspicious.

Ashoka tree
Ashoka means not being mourned. There is no mourning in the house where there is an Ashoka tree in or around it. Happiness is experienced by having this tree. Its leaves are used in havan and ritual as well as mangalik functions.

The Buzz Vastu shastra

Vastu for home : Amazing Vastu Measures for Wellness in Home

Keep water flowing in the northeast

Bathroom: – It is best to be in the south-west-south angle of the house and in the middle of the direction or between the south-west and south-west direction. According to Vastu, keep the flow of water in the northeast. For the houses where there is arrangement of geysers etc. in the bathroom, it is more important that they keep their bathroom in an igneous angle, because the geyser is related to fire. Since the bathroom and toilet are interrelated and both are located close by.

For the toilet, the place of the angle between the angle of south and south direction or between south and west direction should be paramount.

The seat in the toilet should be such that while sitting on it, you should face south or north. If there is an exhaust fan in the toilet, then determine to keep it in the northern or eastern wall. Keep the flow of water northeast.

Although Vastu Shastra determines the separate place of bath room and toilet, but nowadays due to lack of space, the practice of keeping both together is going on.

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But keep in mind that if you need to keep both the bathroom and the latrine together, then build it in the south-west part of the house or in the angular angle or adjust the bathroom to the east with it by having a toilet in the igneous angle. Never place bathrooms and toilets in the south and north corners.

Keep bedroom in west direction

Bedroom : – There are many types. There is a room – the home owner has a sleeping room for other family members to sleep. But the room in which the home owner sleeps is the main room. So make sure that the home owner’s main room; The bedroom should be located in the south or west direction of the building. While sleeping, the head of the home owner should be in the south and the feet should be towards the north.

There is also a scientific belief behind it. The south pole of the Earth as the head and head of man, the north pole of man and the south pole of man’s feet also sun the second stream of energy. In this way the entry of magnetic waves is not obstructed. The sleeping person gets deep sleep. He is in good health. Other people of the house also remain healthy. There are no unnecessary disputes at home.

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If it is not possible to keep Sirhana in the south direction, then it can be kept in the west direction. study; According to the study room Vastu Shastra, it is considered best to have your study room between vyavya, south corner and west direction. Include the study room with the place of worship in the east direction in the northeast, will prove to be very effective. Your intelligence develops. Anything can quickly fit in your brain. There is no unnecessary pressure on the brain.

Vastu shastra

Vastu for home : Fish Aquarium is helpful in removing architectural defects of home

Vastu for home

In astrology, many things are also being used for Vastushastra. As of today, the practice of keeping fish aquarium in many houses has increased greatly. According to Feng Shui, the Fish Aquarium not only gives happiness, but all the troubles that come over the members of its house are averted. At the same time, there is a continuity of the arrival of wealth and wealth in the house and the Vaastu defects also go away. Let us give you more information about this.

Vastu for home : Keep Fish Aquarium in this direction

There are many people who keep a fish aquarium in their house, but they do not know in which direction and where it should be kept. It is important to know where and in which direction it is auspicious to keep the fish aquarium at home.

People keep aquariums at home, but very few people are aware of its negative effects. According to Vastu, all the troubles that come over the members of the house are averted. And there is continuity in the arrival of wealth and wealth in the house. But there are some rules of Feng Shui that should be followed by keeping the aquarium, only then it gets full benefit. While keeping fish aquarium it is very important to pay attention to Vastu because if it is not kept according to the right Vastu, then it can have its disadvantages instead of the advantages.

According to Vastu Shastra, keeping fish aquarium brings happiness in the house. Never place the fish aquarium in the middle of the house, kitchen or bedroom. Keep in the eastern or northern direction of the house. In the house where the sunlight comes, the fish aquarium reduces the mental pressure. If you look from the house towards the main gate, then keeping it in the left direction makes the married life sweet, keeping it in the right direction creates the possibility of extra affair of the man.

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Keep fish in a fixed number of fish aquariums : Vastu for home

Only a certain number of fish should be reared in the house. Fish Aquarium should be 9 in number. If this is not possible, then three fish can also be raised. Take special care of the colors in the 9 fish you find in the fish aquarium. All these 9 fish represent 9 planets. Therefore, their color should also be similar to these planets. If this is not possible, then 8 fish in the Fish Aquarium should be brightly colored and one fish black.

Keep an eye on the fish of the fish aquarium – the happier the fish will be, the happiness and prosperity will remain in the house. If a fish dies, then understand that this fish has taken on any crisis in life. Fishes take on every impending crisis.

Fish Aquarium removes architectural defects in the house

If the fishes are in the house and they are taken care of properly, then every problem, small and big, in the house is averted. The planets are strengthened by serving fish. Luck is strong. Wish is fulfilled While keeping the fish aquarium at home, keep in mind that always keep it in a place where the sun’s direct rays fall. In this way the internal architectural defects of the house are removed.

Vastu for home : According to Feng Shui, the aquarium is beneficial

According to Feng Shui, when a fish dies in the Aquarium, it goes away with negative powers. According to Vastu, the fish aquarium should be placed in the south west corner of the verandah of the house and this corner should be such that every person coming into the house can see the fish aquarium.

Aquarium fish care is very important

It is often seen that people keep fish aquariums at home, but do not take proper care of them, this causes many problems. Many kinds of diseases can occur to fish due to lack of cleanliness. Do not give small fish more than four-five grains of fish food in 24 hours. Every month clean the fish tank and leave one-fourth of its water in the tank and change the remaining water. Keep his filtration system appropriate. You can add anti-chlorine tablets to it.

Never keep the fish aquarium in the kitchen because things related to fire in this direction and fire is the cause of fire god and fish aquarium is the thing related to water and fire and water are enemies of each other, so fish aquarium should never Should also not be kept in the kitchen.

Putting the Fish Aquarium in some kind of natural light causes mental stress.

If you feed the fishes in the house daily, then there is a steady progress in your work. According to Vastu it is very good. You should therefore keep fish in the house.

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Vastu for home : Energy called chi comes

If there are fish in your house, then there is an energy called Chi in your house. The work of this energy is to increase your health and your wealth. It also reduces many of your problems.

Vastu for home : The sign of this is the death of fish

If the fish you have grown in the house, if for some reason those fish die in the aquarium, then it means that a big problem has ended from your house. Fishes take the trouble on their own.

Lack of money

Let me tell you that if there is a financial crisis and problems in your house, then the reason for this is only Vastu Dosha. If you bring fishes to your home, then you get rid of so many problems.

Vastu shastra

Are you surrounded by financial problems? Know the wonders of Shri Yantra

Vastu for Home

Astrology is also related to many instruments. Shri Yantra is one such Yantra, it is mysterious in itself. It is made up of seven triangles. The quadrants of the mid-point triangle are octal angles. After that this Sriyantra is formed from the ten angles and at the top the fourth angle. You will be surprised to know that it can be awakened by the right worship method. To get the special grace of Lakshmi Devi, she can be pleased by the seed mantra.

How is Sri Yantra manufactured?

Yes, Shri Sri Yantra is manufactured in many ways and is available in many forms. There are also different types of impact of the different types of Shriyantras. The most special thing is that the eminent emancipated Sriyantra, which is inscribed on the copper sheet and made of mercury, is the most effective.

The creation of Shriyantra and its soul reputation is the biggest source of Shriyantra’s effectiveness. Although Sriyantra is available everywhere today, but their reliability is not there. Shriyantra construction is a complex process in itself, and unless the device is engraved in the right form, success is not possible from it. Mantra Siddha Pran By attaining the prestigious Sriyantra, the seeker attains the status of quick gain. Even if the Sri Yantra is engraved on the copper sheet, whether the Shree Yantra is made of a mercury, its benefit can be obtained only if its life is distinguished.

It is clear from the complicated process of manufacturing Shri Yantra that whenever you install a Sriyantra at home, you should install the prestigious Sriyantra.

Know when to install Shri Yantra?

Shree Yantra is manufactured only in the Siddha Muhurta. It can be established in Gurupushya Yoga, Ravipushya Yoga, Navratri, Dhan-Trayodashi, Deepawali. Apart from this, Shivratri, Akshaya Tritiya etc. are the best auspicious time for the creation and installation of Sriyantra.

Worship method is not difficult

According to the scriptures, regular worship of the mantra Siddha Chaitanya Sriyantra is not necessary. Nor is there a need to bathe with water regularly. If possible, flowers, perfumes etc. can be dedicated on it. And incense sticks and lamps should be burnt in front of it, but it is not mandatory. Even if there is no worship of Shriyantra or if incense sticks and lamps are not lit in front of it, then there is no shortage in its effect. This can also be proved by easy puja method.

The famous ‘Shriyantra’ is the instrument of Bhagwati Tripur Sundari. It is known as Yantraraj. Goddess Lakshmi is believed to be the abode of Shri Yantra. It is a symbol of the origin and development of the entire universe, as well as a symbol of the human body. So do not worry about its worship method.

Lakshmi Devi gets special grace

We have already told you that Lakshmi Devi can be pleased with this device. Shriyantra is inhabited by many siddhis. For proper effect, Mantra Siddha, Prana consecrated Sriyantra should be established or done. Treat Sriyantra without consecrated life as if an empty house. Normal lighting of Lakshmi is done daily by lighting incense / incense sticks and ghee lamps daily in front of Shriyantra. There is no doubt in wishing fulfillment with the worship of Shriyantra. If worshiping Lakshmi Devi, then Lakshmi is pleased with her and has given her intended benefits.

This is worship legislation for establishment of Sriyantra

Apart from this place of worship, this device can also be kept in your cupboard, can be installed in a factory or factory or any important place. From the day it is established, from that day the seeker starts experiencing its effects.

The worship method of Shri Yantra is very simple and clear. Take bath, meditate, wear pure yellow clothes, face east or north and sit on yellow or white posture. Put a bazot in front of you and put a red cloth on it. Householders have been told to worship Sriyantra with wife, as accomplishment provider. When you complete the worship of Shri Yantra with you or your wife, do it with full devotion and faith.

Seed mantra is also important

According to the scriptures related to Lakshmi Devi, if a chanting of the garland of Lakshmi Beej Mantra is done with the ‘Lotus of the Lotus’ in front of the mantrashid shriyantra, amazing effect is seen. After chanting the mantra, after completing the seeker Lakshmi Aarti, reveal your wishes.

Apart from this, this machine is considered to be the best for debt relief, recovery, health benefits, family happiness and financial success. It is enough to install the authentic Sri Yantra with a consecrated life by proving the seed mantra. Because only by establishing it becomes helpful in giving infinite success.

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In fact, whatever is written on Shri Yantra is less. There is no other instrument or instrument for physical and economic progress more than this. Do chant the seed mantra.

According to Shrisukta, in whose house the mercury is formed, there is a permanent abode of Lakshmi there, whoever has the mercury in the house, in itself, that person is disease-free and free from joy in life. And is able to achieve perfection.

Vastu shastra

Vastu for home : Is Sun’s temperature and air flow getting stranded at home

Vastu for Home :

In the house where the sunlight does not reach, there is often a camp of diseases. People living in dark places often have poor health. Suryadev is considered to be of special importance in Vastu Shastra. The people of the houses where the light of the Sun reaches continuously, are full of energy and enthusiasm. 

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There is life on earth only with the energy of Suryadev. In the house, both heat and air of Sun God are important. Always keep in mind that the rays of the sun keep flowing in the house. The curtains of the windows of the house should be kept open during the day, so that maximum light can enter the house. Artificial lights in the house should be kept to a minimum. If you want to influence the energy at a specific place, then by burning two candles, that place can be energized. Candle burning in the anterior part of any room of the house provides better health. Burning candles in the south-west area of ​​the house brings peace and happiness to the family. Rays at sunrise are considered best for health. Keep the doors and windows of the house open at sunrise. Make such arrangements that sunlight reaches the kitchen and bathrooms too. 

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Vastu shastra

Vastu for home : Learn how the doors of the house decide your good fortune

Vastu for home : Home decor Vastu Tips

Whether it is good luck or bad luck, both enter the person’s life from the main door of the house. According to Vastu Shastra the relation of the door of the house is connected to the good fortune of the person. It is said that if there is a broken pot or something heavy around the main door of the house, then God and Goddess do not enter such house. According to Vastu, a person has to take special care of many things while building a house, one of which is the doors of the house. According to Vastu, in which direction the doors of the house should be. Let’s know. 

Vastu for home : Rules stated for the doors of the house connected with Vastu Shastra-

If the door of your house is in the east direction then according to Vastu it is auspicious. But, keep in mind that there is no barrier in front of the door, otherwise there is a possibility of sinking in debt.

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– Try to make sure the door is not in the west direction. Due to this, the happiness and prosperity of the house starts to end. At the same time, due to the door in the south direction, family members have to face long-term financial troubles.
-If the door of your house is in an igneous angle (central part of south-east) then it can have a bad effect on the health of your family members. 
-The door of north direction (north-east) gives auspicious results just like the north direction, just keep in mind that there should not be any type of Vastu Dosh in front of it.
-If the door of the house is in a wired direction, then there is a possibility of debate with the neighbor. Having a door in this direction often leads to unrest and tension in life.

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The Buzz Vastu shastra

Vastu for home : this plant draws money in the house Like a magnet, called money tree.

Vastu for Home

Although there is no option but to work hard to earn money, but many times it happens that despite doing this, there is only trouble in the house. There are many vastu remedies for this. It is also often said that look at planting a money plant in the house, as it is quite popular and you will find it in most homes. But have you ever heard the name of the plant Crassula? It is called Money Tree.

A sparsely grown crassula can also grow in the shade inside the plant, in
this way we have Vastu Shastra here, similarly in China there is the science of Feng Shui and according to this there is a plant which, by just keeping it in the house It starts to attract money towards itself. This plant is called crassula and it is a spreading plant whose leaves are wide, but applying hands gives a velvety feeling. The leaves of this plant are neither completely green nor completely yellow in color. They are mixed with both colors. But they are not weak like the leaves of other plants which may be twisted or broken as soon as they apply their hand.

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As far as care is concerned, like a money plant, there is no need to worry much for this plant. If you give water even after two-three days, it will not dry up. The crassula can also grow in the shade within the house. This plant does not even take up much space. You can also apply it in a small pot. Now, if we talk about getting wealth, according to Feng Shui, the crassula draws money like good energy towards the house. Plant this plant near the entrance of the house. Place it to the right of where the entrance opens. In a few days this plant will start showing its effect. Every kind of happiness and peace in the house will also remain intact.

The Buzz Vastu shastra

Vastu Home : Direction to keep wardrobe to have full flow of wealth

Vastu for Home

Vastu Direction for Wardrobe: Maintenance of the wardrobe of the house also affects the economic condition of the house. According to Vastu, let’s know where to keep the cupboard in the house. 

– Always keep the wardrobe in the south-west direction of the house. There is never a shortage of money in the cupboards kept in this place. It is considered inauspicious to place a cupboard in the north-east corner of the house.

– The doors of the home’s wardrobe should never open in the south direction.

– The doors of the shelves that open towards the south are always empty in terms of money.

Never keep the shelves directly on the ground. Always keep them above the stand.

If you want, you can also put newspaper or any cloth under your cupboard *.

– Never keep the vault inside the shelf empty. Keep some money and jewelry inside it. This way the barkat remains in the house.

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– Keep 5-7 silver coins in the wardrobe. By doing this, there will never be a shortage of money in life.

– If you are not able to do more then keep at least 2 coins.

– The color of the cupboard should be cream or light yellow. Both these colors symbolize peace.

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Vastu Shastra for Home : Karpoor, indigenous ghee, chandan, frankincense and googal smoke increase positivity in the house

Negativity increases due to Vastu doshas, ​​Kanda should be burnt incense

Vaastu doshas increase in the houses where the dirt is kept, cleanliness is not taken care of. Due to Vastu doshas, ​​there is more negativity in the thoughts of the people living in the house. Due to negative thoughts, tasks are not successful and mental stress is faced. According to Pt. Manish Sharma, Jyotishacharya of Ujjain, to remove Vastu defects one should smoke kapoor, indigenous ghee, chadan, frankincense and googal daily.

Positivity increases due to smoke of these five things

In order to destroy the negative energy of the house, the smoke of 5 holy things should be spread in the house everyday for some time. These five things are Karpoor, native ghee, chadan, frankincense and guggal. Burn a tub made of cow dung and when the smoke stops coming in, then put these five things on the coals of the conde. After this, take care to spread this smoke in the house. By giving incense like this, you can also get the blessings of the Gods and Goddesses in the house.

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All these five things are considered sacred and the smoke emanating from them sanctifies the atmosphere of the house. Micro-germs are destroyed and the effects of Vastu doshas end. Positive energy increases. The smell of the house is also removed by its smoke. These five things can be easily found in the market.

The Buzz Vastu shastra

Vastu Shastra : How and why the cow corrects Vastu defects

If the building, house is to be constructed, if the calf is brought and tied there, then the possible architectural defects are automatically eliminated. The work is completed smoothly and there are no financial constraints till the completion.

The context of Karun’s call of the earth in the form of a cow and a request for incarnation from Vishnu are very famous. The famous Vastu Granth like ‘Samrangana Sutradhar’ starts in the form of Go – the communion dialogue of the earth and the universe. In the Vastu scripture ‘Mayamtam’ it is said that before starting the construction of the building, such a cow should be brought and tied on that land which is sattas or calf.  

It is written in the scriptures that when a newborn calf is licked by a cow, its froth falls on the ground and makes it pure and all the faults that occur there are eliminated. The same belief has also come in Vastupradeep, undefeated wish etc. In the discipline festival of Mahabharata, it is said that where the cow sits and breathes fearlessly, it takes away all the sins of the place-

Nivishtam gokulam yatra breath munchti nirbhayam.
Virajayati tantra paasam chasapya karshati॥

It has also been said that in the house where cow is served, son and grandson, money, education, Sukhadi can be found. The same recognition has also come in Atrishanhita. Atri has also said that how will the Mangal-Mangalya of a house which does not have Savatsha Dhenu?

It is very beneficial to keep a cow at home. In such houses, all obstacles and obstacles are eliminated. There is no fear among the children living in the house where the cow lives. In the Vishnu Purana it is said that when Shri Krishna became afraid of Pootana’s lactation, the Nanda couple turned the cow’s tail and looked at them and redressed the fear. Carrying the sakuta cow’s sakun proves the work.

Padmapuran, and Korampuran states that cow should never be crossed. It is auspicious to fall into the ears of the cries of a cow while going for any interview, meeting with a higher officer. Service of cow at home is said to be a good solution for the benefit of children. It is said in Shivpuran and Skandpuran that there is no fear of Yama from cow service and Godan. The cleanliness of the cow’s feet also has its own importance. This sin is destructive, such is the opinion of Garuda Purana and Padmapuran.