Vastu shastra

vastu tips

Vastu tips : Home is at the end of the street and fear remains in the mind, do this remedy

If there is a fear in the heart about something, then the Vastu Dosh around us may be responsible for it. If there is a doubt about the future in the mind, or if the fear of untoward always persists, then by adopting some easy measures mentioned in Vastu, you can remove the fear from your mind. Let’s know about these measures.

vastu tips : exchange gifts

Giving or accepting gifts effects your planets, if you want to succeed in life, then take these precautions

Often when giving gifts to friends and relatives, we first take care of either their choice or their pocket, but do you know that a gift given to someone can make you skeletal or even rich. Surprising may be necessary to hear, but it is true. Very few people know that the gifts given to your people or the gifts you get from others have a profound effect on your planets. Let’s know how.