Vastu Shastra : How and why the cow corrects Vastu defects

If the building, house is to be constructed, if the calf is brought and tied there, then the possible architectural defects are automatically eliminated. The work is completed smoothly and there are no financial constraints till the completion.

The context of Karun’s call of the earth in the form of a cow and a request for incarnation from Vishnu are very famous. The famous Vastu Granth like ‘Samrangana Sutradhar’ starts in the form of Go – the communion dialogue of the earth and the universe. In the Vastu scripture ‘Mayamtam’ it is said that before starting the construction of the building, such a cow should be brought and tied on that land which is sattas or calf.  

It is written in the scriptures that when a newborn calf is licked by a cow, its froth falls on the ground and makes it pure and all the faults that occur there are eliminated. The same belief has also come in Vastupradeep, undefeated wish etc. In the discipline festival of Mahabharata, it is said that where the cow sits and breathes fearlessly, it takes away all the sins of the place-

Nivishtam gokulam yatra breath munchti nirbhayam.
Virajayati tantra paasam chasapya karshatią„„

It has also been said that in the house where cow is served, son and grandson, money, education, Sukhadi can be found. The same recognition has also come in Atrishanhita. Atri has also said that how will the Mangal-Mangalya of a house which does not have Savatsha Dhenu?

It is very beneficial to keep a cow at home. In such houses, all obstacles and obstacles are eliminated. There is no fear among the children living in the house where the cow lives. In the Vishnu Purana it is said that when Shri Krishna became afraid of Pootana’s lactation, the Nanda couple turned the cow’s tail and looked at them and redressed the fear. Carrying the sakuta cow’s sakun proves the work.

Padmapuran, and Korampuran states that cow should never be crossed. It is auspicious to fall into the ears of the cries of a cow while going for any interview, meeting with a higher officer. Service of cow at home is said to be a good solution for the benefit of children. It is said in Shivpuran and Skandpuran that there is no fear of Yama from cow service and Godan. The cleanliness of the cow’s feet also has its own importance. This sin is destructive, such is the opinion of Garuda Purana and Padmapuran.

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