Vastu for home : this plant draws money in the house Like a magnet, called money tree.

Vastu for Home

Although there is no option but to work hard to earn money, but many times it happens that despite doing this, there is only trouble in the house. There are many vastu remedies for this. It is also often said that look at planting a money plant in the house, as it is quite popular and you will find it in most homes. But have you ever heard the name of the plant Crassula? It is called Money Tree.

A sparsely grown crassula can also grow in the shade inside the plant, in
this way we have Vastu Shastra here, similarly in China there is the science of Feng Shui and according to this there is a plant which, by just keeping it in the house It starts to attract money towards itself. This plant is called crassula and it is a spreading plant whose leaves are wide, but applying hands gives a velvety feeling. The leaves of this plant are neither completely green nor completely yellow in color. They are mixed with both colors. But they are not weak like the leaves of other plants which may be twisted or broken as soon as they apply their hand.

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As far as care is concerned, like a money plant, there is no need to worry much for this plant. If you give water even after two-three days, it will not dry up. The crassula can also grow in the shade within the house. This plant does not even take up much space. You can also apply it in a small pot. Now, if we talk about getting wealth, according to Feng Shui, the crassula draws money like good energy towards the house. Plant this plant near the entrance of the house. Place it to the right of where the entrance opens. In a few days this plant will start showing its effect. Every kind of happiness and peace in the house will also remain intact.

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