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Watch: Husband’s Birthday Gift For His Wife Is The Sweetest Thing On The Internet Today

The video posted on Reddit has so far received 96,000 upvotes and 590 comments on the platform.

Planning to surprise your wife on her birthday? Well, take a cue from this gentleman who just set a new benchmark for the husbands out there. A Reddit user shared by username u/Thund3rbolt shows a wife’s reaction to the surprise. In it, we see a woman checking her phone when suddenly an RJ on the radio wishes her a very happy birthday. He says, “A very special happy birthday to Julie from Nottingham. Chris wants to tell you Julie how much he still loves you after 25 years together and he’s so very proud of you.” 

The RJ also talked about the place where Chris proposed to Julie and their favourite song and the memories attached to it. The video shows Julie shocked at first, but overwhelmed after a few seconds in the video. Dressed in a blue dress, Julie shed tears of joy after hearing the announcement by the RJ. The video was posted with the caption, “Husband Surprises Wife With 50th Birthday Wish Over The Radio.”

Check out the video here:

The 36-second clip has received 96,000 upvotes and 590 comments on Reddit. The Internet loved the surprise and gave the husband full marks for the efforts made. 

A user commented, “For god sake someone give that woman a hug!” Another user commented, “This actually made me smile and I’m not a mushy person but it was just so sweeeet! You can see how much it meant to her.” “Chris should put the phone down and go hug his crying wife.” 

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