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Man tries to break into Bengaluru woman’s flat, throws condoms through window; complaint filed

A woman in Bengaluru has filed a complaint after a man allegedly tried to enter her flat and threw condom packets through the window

normal day turned into a nightmare for a Bengaluru woman when a man tried to force his way into her flat and threw condom packets while she was in her bedroom.

The woman, who lives alone in a locality under Puttenahalli police station, in her complaint, said she was sleeping in her room when she was woken up due to constant knocking on her main door around midnight.

Recalling the incidents of January 30, the woman said she got scared at the constant knocking and ringing and immediately dialled 100 around 2 am.

The man, meanwhile, managed to open the window next to the main door and switched on and off the light multiple times to frighten her, the complainant alleged.

She told The News Minute that this continued for half an hour but the police did not arrive till 2.30 am.

The woman said the police checked the terrace and area near the building but the man had fled by then. She told TNM that the man could have hurt himself while trying to climb her building as there were blood-stains on stairs and windowpane.

She said the police left soon, giving her just a number and asking her to contact them if something happens again.

After the long night, when she got up to get ready for work, the woman alleged that she found a packet of condoms near her fridge. She called police again.

The woman claimed that the police asked her to just throw the condom packet when they arrived the next morning.

In her interview to The News Minute, the woman said she informed the building caretaker about the incident. After going through the CCTV footage, they realised that the accused had opened the window of the apartment on the first floor too but then closed it.

She added that she has seen the video over 50 times but can’t identify the man.


The woman said she went to the police station to register an FIR the next day but alleged the police asked her to not mention about condom packet in her complaint.

She told TNM that she didn’t do so and also handed over the CCTV footage but the police refused to file the complaint.

“I told the sub-inspector about the events that happened the previous night. But he refused to register an FIR, saying that we can’t because the guy is unknown,” the woman was quoted as saying in the report.

She said she received an acknowledgement from the police that said someone on (January) 30th banged the door, opened the window, and that ‘we want to tell the complainant not to open the doors and windows for any unknown person.’

Condom, video footage and timing were not added, she said.


Meanwhile, police on Friday said they have filed an FIR and are investigating the case. They are yet to nab the accused

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