Lockdown in Maharashtra: Curfew for 15 days in the state tomorrow from 8 PM, 10th-12th examinations postponed; The government will give free food to the poor for one month

In Maharashtra, the lockdown has been imposed from 8 am to 1 pm on May 1 due to deteriorating conditions from Corona. This lockdown, implemented for the next 15 days, is named Break the Chain. Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray announced this on Tuesday evening. The 10th and 12th examinations in the state have also been postponed due to the lockdown. Restrictions have been imposed on people leaving their homes without doing any necessary work. During the lockdown, the government will provide assistance of Rs 1500 to the real estate sector laborers and rickshaw pullers with permits. For the next one month, a plate of food will also be given free of cost to the poor under the Shiva Meal Scheme.

Section 144 has been imposed in the entire state of Maharashtra from 8 pm on 14 April. During this time the markets will remain closed. However the local train and bus will not be closed. These will be kept operational for emergency services. Companies making medical goods, medicines, masks, sanitizers will continue to function as before.

Exemption to IT companies including bank-petrol pumps

SEBI, banks, insurance companies, e-commerce, petrol pumps, data centers, IT companies will remain open despite the lockdown in the state. Hotels, restaurants will be able to continue take away and home delivery. The dhabas and restaurants along the way will remain open, but you will be able to work in the take away format from 7 am to 8 pm. Construction companies will also be allowed to work, but will have to make arrangements for employees to stay home on site.

Religious sites, theaters and school-colleges will remain closed

during lockdown, cinema halls, theaters, auditoriums, amusement parks, gyms and sports complexes will remain closed. Shooting of films, serials, commercials will also be closed. The government has also ordered the closure of all places of worship, school-colleges, private coaching classes, spas, salons and beauty parlors till 7 am on May 1.

Financial assistance of 5400 crores to the poor in lockdown The
state government will give financial help to the needy people during one month lockdown. This will cost about 5400 crores rupees. Under this, these people will be able to get help ..

  • Under the food security scheme, about 7 crore people of the state will be given 3-3 kg of wheat and 2-2 kg of rice free for the next one month.
  • The government will also provide cooked food to the poor for the next one month.
  • 35 lakh people will be given one thousand rupees advance under the 3 schemes made for the poor, including the Sanjay Gandhi Baseless Scheme, Indira Gandhi Widow Scheme.
  • Under the Maharashtra Bhavan Kamgar Kalyan Mandal scheme, 12 lakh laborers will get an advance of Rs 1500.
  • The government will also provide financial assistance to domestic workers for one month.
  • Rs.500 will be given every month to 5 lakh registered hawkers.
  • Rs. 1500 will be given every month to 12 lakh autos.
  • The government will give 2 thousand rupees a month to the tribals.

State Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray on Tuesday night said that he will have to be strict to control the situation due to restrictions in Pandharpur elections . If the state’s health system is overburdened, then the trouble will increase. He said that voting will take place in Pandharpur in 2-3 days, so these rules will be applicable from there onwards.

CM Thackeray’s 5 demands from PM Modi
Uddhav Thackeray has sought help from Prime Minister Narendra Modi to make arrangements to deal with Corona in the state. This includes everything from oxygen supply to changes in the date of GST filing. Uddhav’s main demands are like this ..

  • Supply of oxygen from Air Force airplanes.
  • GST filing date should be extended by 3 months.
  • The Central Government should help to reduce the economic losses of the people.
  • Like Britain, we should have a large number of vaccinations.
  • New MBBS graduates should be deployed in hospitals.
Samples are being taken for the corona test of passengers at railway stations.  The photo is of the CSMT station in Mumbai.

Samples are being taken for the corona test of passengers at railway stations. The photo is of the CSMT station in Mumbai.

Rules are also strict regarding Ramadan

  • Offer Namaz at home Do not increase the crowd in mosques.
  • Religious sites will be closed soon, so organize Vaz i.e. collective namaz on the online platform.
  • Do not rush into the market for shopping and do not let it happen.
  • Also offer goodbye prayers at home, avoid crowding the streets.
  • No social and religious program can be allowed this Ramadan.
  • There will be no temporary stalls on the streets or streets on Ramadan. It is the responsibility of the local administration not to allow any crowd to gather during Sahri and Iftari.
  • Religious gurus have been appealed to spread awareness about corona virus guidelines to people so that the chain of infection can be broken.
The effect of railway tightness to control the crowd is now visible.  The stations are not crowded and social distancing is also visible.

The effect of railway tightness to control the crowd is now visible. The stations are not crowded and social distancing is also visible.

7 patients died in 3 hours due to the depletion of oxygen in Nalasopara, 7 patients admitted to the
ICU in just 3 hours late in the night at Vinayak Hospital in Nalasopara, adjoining Mumbai, in the midst of ever increasing cases of infection. The family alleges that the oxygen stock in the hospital was exhausted and this led to the death of the patients. At the same time, it is clear from the hospital that all the patients who died were suffering from other serious diseases and when they were admitted they had an oxygen level of 30-40 percent only.

Corona’s condition in three big cities of Maharashtra

  • Mumbai: 6,905 new cases were received on Monday. It is a matter of relief that even in Mumbai, the number of people recovering was more than the new positive cases. 9,037 people recovered on Monday. But 43 people died during the day. The recovery rate in Mumbai is 80%. The corona doubling period in Mumbai is 36 days. From April 5 to April 11, the Kovid growth rate in Mumbai stood at 1.89%.
  • Pune: 4,849 new cases were reported on Monday. This number is much less than on Sunday. On Sunday, there were 12,377 cases in Pune and 87 people died. The number of dead on Monday also decreased slightly compared to Sunday. 65 people died in Pune on Monday. Pune currently has 53,376 active patients, out of which 1,050 are in critical condition.
  • Nagpur: The death toll is continuously increasing. On Monday too, 69 people died from corona in Nagpur. The day saw 5,661 new infections. At the same time 3,247 people recovered. The total number of infected in Nagpur has reached 2 lakh 84 thousand 217. Out of these, 2 lakh 20 thousand 560 have been cured. So far 5,838 people have died.
There is silence on the Gateway of India in Mumbai.  There is a lot of crowd here on normal days.

There is silence on the Gateway of India in Mumbai. There is a lot of crowd here on normal days.

For the first time since March, 52, 312 patients were cured, while in
Maharashtra 51,751 new patients arrived on Monday, 52,312 were cured and 258 people died. This was the first time after 9 March that the number of patients recovering was higher than the new patients. It is a matter of some relief, but the situation is not under control.

A day earlier, there were 63,294 cases of infection in the state. On Monday, 6,893 new cases were reported in Mumbai and 43 patients died. The total number of infections in the state has now increased to 34 lakh 58 thousand 996 and the number of dead has reached 58,245.

Just one day after the weekend lockdown, the state saw an almost 18.3% reduction in corona cases in just one day. There are now 5 lakh 64 thousand 746 active patients in Maharashtra. The government has issued strict guidelines regarding Gudi Padwa and Ramadan amid increasing infection cases.

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