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Why You Should NEVER Buy Chewing Gum At Dollar Stores | The State

Why you should NEVER buy chewing gum at dollar stores

At dollar stores, you could be paying more money for each piece of gum.

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It is true that dollar stores are very good options to buy some products at a low price, and this is especially useful when you are watching every penny you spend.

Some items that you should buy here are candles, books and accessories for petsSince you can almost always save more money compared to other places.

However, there is one product that you would be better off not buying here, and this is chewing gum.

The problem with chewing gum is that they sell it to you in much smaller packages. compared to what you will find in traditional grocery stores.

This means that you are paying more money for each gum – at least an extra penny for each strip, as reported in Mashed.

For example, while a four-pack of Wrigley gum is priced at $ 1 at dollar stores, you could get 20 similar packages of Orbit gum for $ 11.49 at a store like Costco. That is It would cost you ¢ 4 cents each gum from Costco, while you would pay ¢ 5 cents a piece at the dollar store.

So, if you’re a regular chewing gum consumer, you might want to think twice about buying it at dollar stores.

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