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Rita Ora defends new movie role as Oliver Twist remake is savaged by critics

Rita Ora has defended her new film Twist – a modern adaption of the classic Charles Dickens tale Oliver Twist – despite the film being slammed by critics.

It may only be January, but already some have predicted Twist will go down as “the worst film of the year” – which co-stars Michael Caine and Rafferty Law.

Under fire Rita – who has been making headlines over her lockdown 30th birthday since November last year – features in the cast as a gender flipped Artful Dodger.

And following abysmal reviews of the film – which is airing on Sky Originals – the star has spoken up in defence of the flick.

Rita Ora has defended her film Twist – which some critics have already branded ‘the worst film of the year’

She told the Hits Radio Breakfast Show: “I think that this would be what Charles Dickens would have probably done.

“It was, what, 1839 when Oliver Twist came out for the first time. It was his interpretation of street slang and life on the streets.”

Rafferty Law – the 24-year-old son of Jude Law and Sadie Frost – plays a homeless, parkour flipping, street artist version of Oliver in the movie.

Rita plays the Artful Dodger in Twist on Sky Originals

While 87-year-old Michael Caine is an art smuggling Fagin.

Rita argued: “For us now, shooting it in this time, it’s our interpretation of life on the street. So I really love that I was a part of that progression.”

Rita has, at least, been praised for her role in the film – with some critics spotlighting the ‘personable’ performance of the chart topping star.

Indeed, Reets has hinted fans may see her back on screens soon in further acting roles.

She told Metro Online: “Yes, you know I’m actually… There’s a lot of things happening in Australia at the moment.

“I’m actually going, I’m flying there this weekend to shoot the Voice Australia and there’s a lot of other things happening over there.”

She teased: “I really don’t want to give too much away but it’s definitely popping off.”

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