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Costco's Best Wines Under $ 15, Expert Recommended | The State

Not everything has to be expensive in this life, especially when it comes to enjoy a good wine. While it’s normal to think about Costco, as the most iconic chain from wholesale purchases, it is true that we do not usually visualize it as a place with good wine options. Without a doubt it is likely that after reading this your opinion about it changes.

While we are used to performing certain household purchases that are a real bargain at Costco, which usually range from food, items for the home clean Y personal cleanliness, cWe firmly believe that we must not postpone or overlook the selection of wines offered by the store. It is worth mentioning that in addition to having within our reach dozens of Costco exclusives, the beverage aisles of this iconic store host brands of wine that are sold elsewhere for about a 10% to 20% more, on average. Cool no?

In fact, this is a most interesting and revealing piece of information: No wine sold at Costco is marked more than 14% above what they paid for it. According to information released by the New york times, if you compare this with others wine retailers which often add up to a fifty%, Costco could be a new beverage provider for you.

However, like the general deals at Costco, the wine selection is no exception and it can be overwhelming. In such a way that it will always be better to go to the experts, we compile the recommendations of Rachel Royers, a recognized wine blogger in Watch me yep with based in Napa, California. And of Jon mcdaniel, a sommelier and founder of Second City Soil in Chicago, who was named as one of the best Sommeliers of the year 2018 by Food & Wine, who were given the task of recommending for the site of the renowned health and wellness magazine Eating Well, Costco’s best wine options for $ 14.99 or less per bottle.

1. Wairau River Sauvignon Blanc

Price: $ 13.99

For lovers of white wine, this alternative is perfect and light. With fresh citrus elements, carrier of unique herbaceous touches Y a refreshing finish, this white wine is a great find. Made by the rose family, one of the first producers in plant grapes in Marlborough, this wine is distinguished by its citric, energetic taste that has notes of grapefruit and sea salt. Specialists recommend enjoying it with shellfish, fish and forcefully with oysters or crabs, it is also ideal to enjoy with desserts and fruit. The only thing you need to enjoy a picturesque summer afternoon.

2. Gérard Bertrand Cote de Roses Rosé

Price: $ 11.59

There are many people who they fell in love with wine thanks to the rosés, which are emblematic of the warm weather Y the food of the sea. ANDThis rosé from the region that produces Languedoc-Roussillon in France, it is a real treasure that any picky palate will appreciate it. Best of all, Costco offer the best price, it is usually more expensive in other stores. It provides unique and most pleasant flavors that remind us of a scented tart with cherries, strawberries and watermelon, and if that was not enough the bottle is absolutely beautiful. The perfect option to enjoy a good ceviche, shrimp, baked fish Y citrus desserts.

3. Château de Berne ‘Romance’ Rosé

Price: $ 14.99

Usually not so easy to find good rosé wine options, so accessible. However we cannot fail to mention this iconic wine from Provence, France. Turns out a real gem find it at Costco as they drive a exceptional price, stands out for its notes of juicy red fruits, herbs such as rosemary and Provencal lavender. It combines wonderfully with different preparations of chicken, cakes, pasta and chocolate.

4. Ferrari-Carano Fumé Blanc

Price: $ 10.49

This white option is the most accessible from the list And best of all, it is one of the favorites. Originally from the county of Sonoma, california, it is a brilliant wine with a high acid content and quenches thirst, that is to say, the most refreshing and fine on the palate. Offers notes of citrus, tropical fruits and melon, and the slight mineralities, which makes this wine very easy to drink, is vibrant Y light. One of the best comments of the specialists, is that it tastes much more expensive than it really is Ideal to look good!

5. Dry Creek Vineyard Heritage Vineyards Zinfandel

Price: $ 14.99

We can’t leave without mentioning one very good choice of red wine, we know that many people are faithful to this classic of classics. Zinfandel is one of the red varietals with more body, which makes it an ideal pairing for grills, cuts of meat, comforting casseroles and pasta, like lasagna. Made in the Sonoma County, California, is the perfect option for cold days, when you want to enjoy something warm. It is the alternative that every red wine lover needs to have at home, it is full of blackberry, black cherry, blueberry, vanilla flavors and cocoa, it also has a unique touch of spices. On the palate it is deliciously intense, juicy and balanced.


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