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Latinos break record of applications for the University of California and are the most applicants

University authorities confirmed an increase of 12.2% in relation to the previous year.

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With an increase of 12.2% compared to the previous year, Latinos represent the largest proportion of a new record of applicants to enter the centers of the University of California, as reported this Thursday by the presidency of the state university system.

With a total of 249,855 applications for admission to the 10 UC campuses, the total number of applications for fall 2021 increased 16.1% compared to 2020.

“Our record number of applications is a testament to the resilience of students and their families, as well as their unwavering focus on higher education,” UC President Michael Drake said in a statement.

Latino applicants represent the largest number of applications for admission by students living in California, constituting 37.8% of applications for the first year Y 33% of transfer requests from community colleges across the state.

I am encouraged and inspired by so many dedicated students who want to enter the University of California”Said John Pérez, president of the UC Board of Regents, highlighting the important diversity of these new applicants.

The proportion of applications from “underrepresented students” was 45.1%, highlighting an increase in applications for the first year of African American students, which showed an increase of 21.8% in relation to 2020.

The UC system has nine locations that offer graduate and undergraduate studies, and More than 66,000 Latino students represent the third largest proportion of the student body with 22% of the total.

Of the total 226,449 undergraduate students, 40% are the first in their family to enter college. California residents represent 80% and a third of the total receive Federal Pell Grants.

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