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This Diet Is More Effective For Losing Fat Than Keto, According To A New Study | The State

We all want lose weight the faster and more effectively possible. Nevertheless we are not all equal and the diets that work incredibly good for some, for others it may be difficult and very unsustainable. Taking into account that more important It will always be take care of our health and choose a weight loss method that is balanced and sustainable, it is worth stopping to analyze our options.

Currently the ketogenic diet popularly known as “Keto”, has given much to talk about and it is true that it has long been promoted as one of the best ways to lose fat. While various scientific references have endorsed their weight loss benefits, recently being classified as one of the worst diets of 2021 they have woken up many questions. The truth is that for many the ketogenic tendency result completely restrictive and unsustainable.

For those who are not regulars of the keto diet, but are interested in losing weight and burning fat, we have good news. A new study shows us that there can be ways even better at losing weight, research published in Nature Medicine examined both the ketogenic diet like a low-fat, plant-based diet, in order to define which is more effective, and without a doubt the results might surprise you.

The study was led by a scientist from the National Institutes of Health called Kevin Hall. Hall had the participation of 20 people, whom he divided into two groups: Half followed a ketogenic diet, what is a dietary pattern low in carbohydrates and high in fat. And the other half of the people followed a plant-based diet, that is to say high in carbohydrates and low in fat. All participants adhered to the diet that was designated for them During two weeks and later they switched to the other. In this way, Hall was able to obtain the compelling results of both diets; focused on analyzing which diet worked best for day to day, insulin levels and the loss of fat in general.

At the end of the study, Hall found that those who followed the low fat diet had a larger cut in consumption of approximately 700 calories per day, on average. While those who followed the Keto diet experienced a drop of approximately 300 calories per day. In addition there were other revelations of great importance, Hall also noted that the low fat diet led to a Loss of fat slightly higher than on the Keto diet, although the difference was minimal. Among the observations that worth mentioning, it is found that the study was carried out by a short period of time so it is not clear how much fat plus could have been lost for a longest period.

Complementary to study publication, Hall stated in para The Washington Post, who mainly wanted observe insulin levels presented by the participants. As The Post pointed out, the body processes carbohydrates with insulin and when reduce carbohydrates, as is done with the ketogenic diet; affects your body’s insulin level. In this study, Hall found that while the low-fat diet reduced consumption, the subjects’ insulin levels were “In the clouds”.

In such a way that for many the same question arises Is the ketogenic diet safe? The first thing to keep in mind is that each diet will work different way for each body, therefore if you are looking to make a lifestyle change for lose fat or a few inches, the best recommendation will always be to go hand in hand with a specialist. While continue a ketogenic diet is considered a effective method to help people lose weight, there are many factors that can influence that it is not the best option for certain patients and especially when it comes to following a long-term dietary pattern.

It is worth mentioning that a low-fat, plant-based diet, is a way of eating that involves eating more food that come from plants as is the case of: vegetables, fruits, cereals, legumes and oilseeds (all nuts). At the same time, it is a style of eating that seeks to reduce to a minimum consumption food of animal origin as: meat, dairy and egg. Which are precisely food groups that are considered rich in fat and in many cases, saturated.

The good news is that thanks to this study, now we know that a low fat diet can be just as effective, if not more, especially when it comes to losing fat. Without a doubt, we currently have the immense advantage to have this type of scientific research, which provide very valuable information for healthcare providers and help us make better decisions.


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