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Woman wins $ 60 million in lottery playing numbers her husband dreamed of | The State

Woman wins $ 60 million in lottery playing numbers her husband dreamed of

Pravatoudom has played the same series of numbers for 20 years.

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A woman named Deng Pravatoudom decided to follow her husband’s dream and ended up earning millions of dollars.

Pravatoudom, 57, has played the lottery for two decades using a series of numbers that her husband dreamed of about 20 years ago.

In December, his dream finally came to fruition as he played those numbers and won a $ 60 million jackpot from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming.

On December 1, the mother of two – who was fired from her job during the pandemic – went to the bank to pay some bills while her husband checked to see if they had won anything from lottery tickets.

When they got back to the car he told them they made $ 60 million.

“I was very happy, I was crying at the same time. I couldn’t believe it at first. I’m going to buy a house, then if it’s allowed after the covid, I’m going to travel the world, ”Pravatoudom said, according to CNN.

Pravatoudom emigrated from Laos to Canada with her 14 siblings in 1980. For decades, she and her husband have worked hard to support their family.

“My family was sponsored by a local church and since we had nothing, I am grateful for the great support they have given us over the years. My husband and I have worked long hours as general employees for over 40 years, trying to save what we could for our family. Due to the pandemic, I was laid off last spring, so this money will certainly help make our lives a lot easier.Pravatoudom added.

In addition to buying some diamonds, Pravatoudom and her husband will pay off their debts first.

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