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Mariana “La Barby” Juárez defends Cecilia Galliano after robbery accusations | The State

Mariana “La Barby” Juárez defends her friend Cecilia Galliano, after it was said that he had stolen thousands of pesos after participating in the play “Solteras en Cuarentena.”

It was in September when Galliano, the boxer and María José Suárez put together a virtual show and the cosmetic surgeon Gamaliel Román decided to sponsor the Argentinean of $ 200 thousand pesos, supposedly.

However, a magazine with Mexican circulation assured that Ceci had kept several thousand pesos, so her friends could sue her, something that Juárez denies.

“From everything that came out I found out that the doctor had not made the full payment and that he had made only half, which I do not understand what they are claiming if Ceci did not receive all the money, how are you going to steal $ 100 thousand pesos if you did not receive it“, said.

The boxer has spoken with both Ceci and Majo and hopes that the misunderstanding will be resolved soon, because she is sure that Argentina has clean hands.

“I’m happy because nothing was owed, this online show is expensive, but I came out happy, realizing that I can do more things

I do not doubt that later on we can resume the work and present it, when everything is calmer“He added.


“I spoke with Cecy, giving her all my support, that she didn’t worry about me … and I suggested to Majo that she talk to Ceci and check her doubts and clarify things and that no money was nailed.”

Mariana “La Barby” Juárez, boxer.

BY: Elizabeth García


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