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Mia Khalifa Goes Instagram Wild Posing In A Fitted Pink Swimsuit | The NY Journal


Mia khalifa He surprised and drove his almost 22 million Instagram followers crazy (as he did not do for a long time) thanks to an image where he appears posing in a swimsuit.

A few hours ago, the former porn actress took advantage of the famous social network to show off her voluptuous curves posing with other young women, clad in a fitted pink bathing suit that let you admire some of her well-known charms.

“The reason for my straw is because the only way I can drink alcohol, is to get it over with as fast as possible”, is the text that the Lebanese wrote in the snapshot that so far already exceeds more than 956 thousand likes and an avalanche of compliments.

One of Mia’s last sensual posts was on April 3, where she shared a photo shoot wearing a top and a small thong that exhibited her legs and her rear.

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