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The WBA world title that was taken from “Canelo” Álvarez already has an owner | The State

The WBA world title that was taken from “Canelo” Álvarez already has an owner

Canelo was stripped of his scepter by the Association on January 1.

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Because Saúl Álvarez decided to fight at super middleweight and that he is betting on being the absolute champion of this category, the AMB made the decision to take away the world middleweight title and it is already known who is the new owner of the belt.

After a few days of uncertainty, the body decided to promote the Japanese Ryota Murata, who was a “Regular” champion, and is now the one who will carry the scepter that belonged to the Mexican multi-champion.

“Based on rule C.18, which establishes that the President and the Championships Committee can recognize a fighter as a super champion in special circumstances, the WBA considers Murata’s career and record a meritorious circumstance for the appointment“, Was expressed from the World Boxing Association.

In addition, the agency pointed out that this news will allow the Japanese to extend its mandatory defense period to double.

“The appointment of Murata will not generate too many changes in the classification and it is made to give dynamism and activity to the division. The only relevant change is that Murata’s 9-month mandatory defense period will be extended to 18 months ”.

Murata has now left the Regular scepter vacant for the boxer who will probably be his next rival, Chris Eubank Jr, who owns the interim WBA title and is expected to be elevated shortly to wear Ryota’s belt, following the order and logic of the displacements.


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