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"Many are in line", Chiquis Rivera speaks after paparazzi published photos of her in a bikini and without retouching | The State

The daughter of the late singer Jenni Rivera, Chiquis Rivera placeholder image, decided to make a video that he posted on his social networks in which he clearly greets the paparazzi and says that “She understands their work, but that she is not only very happy, calm having a good time, but is very proud of her body and its imperfections ”.

This comes after they posted some photos of her wearing a burgundy bikini. It is obvious that the images are not retouched, so some regular imperfections of every woman were seen: cellulite, fishnets, etc. I also assure that “Many are in line”, referring to her suitors. Finally, she asked the friends who accompanied her to say hello to the camera.

There is no doubt that Chiquis Rivera he cares very little what they say when it comes to criticizing his body. In fact, there are more compliments she receives daily for her sexy outfits than harsh comments. Here we leave the video with the forceful message of Chiquis to draw their own conclusions.

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