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Salma Hayek showed part of her two "powerful reasons" by taking a "selfie" | The State

Mexican actress Salma Hayek reached thousands of likes in record time by publishing a photo in which you can see part of his “Pechonalidad” dressed in a black knitted blouse. As on many occasions, the artist was seen natural, without makeup and with quite fluffy hair, so it is presumed that the famous of Hollywood is enjoying a few days of sun.

Obviously, the compliments were not lacking for the Mexican. “The fairies took pity on you. They gave you beauty, wisdom, and an enviable mane ”,“ Marry me Salma ”,“ My countrywoman, a chulada ” and many more. There’s no doubt Salma She is one of the most loved women by all. You can rarely read any strong or negative reviews on their social media.

Once again, the naturalness and beauty of Hayek wreaks havoc on the Instagram and positions her as one of the most beautiful and sexy Latina women in the industry. Here we leave you other photos where the artist appears showing off her “Boobies” so that they admire.


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