The sad reaction of a bear that was released after 20 years locked in a cage | The State

Ina is a bear marked by the trauma of captivity after spend 20 years of your life sharing a very small cage at the Piatra Neamt Zoo, Romania. The animal walks in circles despite having a much more generous space since it was transferred to the Libearty bear sanctuary, located in the Romanian town of Zarnesti.

During her captivity, Ina shared a room with her sister Anca and they only came out of their cage for a walk once a week, according to Timisoara Online.

His story has been made public on social networks this week by the Libearty Shrine through a video in which hee can see the bear “trapped” in an imaginary cage in which it is still spinning.

“This is the image of trauma that sometimes is never cured and is never forgotten,” said the representatives of the Millions of Friends Association, who, after several years denouncing Ina’s situation, and with the support of the National Environmental Guard , they managed to transfer the bear to the sanctuary.

In addition to the video, the bear sanctuary shared the following reflection with the aim of making the population aware of this type of situation: “When you visit a zoo with small cages or a circus where there are bears remember this.”

Currently, Ina has a patch of trees, her own pool and den for shelter, although it is likely that some time will pass and she will need help until she learns to live outside that imaginary cage.


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