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TikTok couple draws attention for their wide age difference | The State

A married couple living in Texas have become a sensation on TikTok after that social network has shown everyone that there is no age for love.

The McNurlen couple is made up of Verónica, a 30-year-old Mexican, and Bob, who is 40 years apart, since he is 70.


It was Verónica who opened an account on TikTok to share her day-to-day life with her husband and with whom she has a baby. She says that what she liked most about her husband is his excellent sense of humor.


However, the woman has received several messages where they question her why she is with a man much older than her, stating that she is surely doing it for money reasons, which she categorically denies.

The couple met at a law firm where they both worked, and she says it was “love at first sight.”


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