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Fight between passengers and employees of an airline in Detroit because of luggage | The State

In Internet The fight between a group of passengers and Spirit airline personnel at Detroit Airport went viral, which left 2 workers injured and one of them had to be transferred to a hospital.

The incident occurred on flight 646 that would go from Detroit to Atlanta. Before boarding the plane, airline staff instructed passengers to verify the size of their carry-on luggage Before boarding, they considered that it exceeded what was established.

This upset the travelers, who immediately they reacted aggressively against the staff, who began to yell and beat them mercilessly.

Another person who was waiting to board took out his phone and recorded the violent scene that went viral.

“The workers tried to calm the situation, but were physically attacked by these passengers when they closed a door to prevent them from getting on the aircraft. All of us at Spirit wish the officers a speedy recovery and thank them for their courage and professionalism. We also thank law enforcement for responding quickly and arresting those involved in the attack. This violent behavior is completely unacceptable and has no place in airports or any other place of business, ”the airline said in a statement.

It also emerged that the attackers were arrested.


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