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Camila Sodi looking for a prospect through dating app? | The State

It seems that Camila Sodio continues to see that she is enjoying her singleness more than ever after her failed romance with Ivan Sanchez and that He is looking for a new heartthrob as he has seen through his recent InstaStories.

Well, he shared recordings of the fun night of Tinder that he spent with his sister, Marina Sodi where he began to evaluate the photos on the profiles of each of the prospects he saw on the famous dating app.

Everything was going fine, even seemed to show interest with one of them, but the laughter gave them away because they didn’t take the mission seriously and they had more fun putting funny filters on the candidates.

“Ay, Alejandro, what a tie! This a like for his tie. We are going to like him because he is intellectual, ahhh, shrimp! Not good! Alejandro knows how to eat and he also likes his chupirul, oh, super chupirul ”, said Mariana as she showed her sister the photos.

Camila also shared in the same network that she was on vacation in Aspen, Colorado, where she shows that she is full and happy, even without a partner; But as the public knows her, she could surprise and really be looking for love and soon present her new conquest.

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