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They remove the red button with which Trump ordered Coca-Cola from his desk | The State

They remove the red button with which Trump ordered Coca-Cola from his desk

The button was in the wooden box next to the phone.

Olivier Douliery / Getty Images

Hours after former President Donald Trump left the White House, a mysterious red button that he had installed, not for emergencies, but to warn that he had run out of his favorite drink, Diet Coke, disappeared from the desk that now the president, Joe Biden, is in the Oval Office again.

The detail would have gone unnoticed had it not been for a post on Twitter by the political commentator and presenter Tom Newton Duun, in which he drew attention to the device, which could well resemble the dreaded button to activate the nuclear missiles that in more than one movie appears in the presidential office.

“President Biden has removed the button from the Diet Coke. When Tim Shipman and I interviewed Donald Trump in 2019, we were struck by what the little button did. Finally, Trump pressed him and a butler quickly brought out a Diet Coke on a silver tray. It’s gone, ”Dunn wrote.

The message includes a sequence of photos in which a wooden box is observed in which a small red button protrudes and which is located next to the phones that Trump used, but that on Biden’s first day in the White House already Not observed.

The publication went viral on Thursday and even local media echoed the comment.

Two Coca-Cola lovers

Trump’s fondness for eating hamburgers and the rumor that he is capable of drinking twelve cans of Coca Cola a day are part of the stories that surround the former president, who is not fond of physical exercise, although he does play golf.

The publication The Hill quoted this Thursday the book “Team of Vipers” published in 2019 by former White House adviser Chris Sims, who indicated that the former president used the red button as a joke with the visitors suggesting that he could activate the nuclear arsenal.

“Out of nowhere, I would suddenly press the button,” Sims wrote about the former president, The Hill recalled Thursday.

“Not knowing what to do,” added the story, “the guests looked at each other with raised eyebrows. Moments later, a butler entered the room with a glass full of Diet Coca-Cola on a silver platter, and Trump laughed. “

The report pointed out that Biden, who from this Wednesday assumed as the President 46 of the United States, shares with its predecessor the taste for soft drinks.

According to the version, a caterer who worked with the new president told The Washington Post last year that Biden liked to have Coca-Cola Zero in the pantry


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