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Reasons the IRS Page Doesn't Show You "Payment Status" of Your Stimulus Check | The State

The reasons the IRS page doesn't show you “payment status” for your stimulus check

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) building.

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He Internal Revenue Service (IRS) listed some reasons why system users “Get My Payment” to track stimulus check do not receive online “payment status”.

Some users of the tool on the IRS.gov website get an error message when trying to access it.

According to an entry updated on January 15 in the frequently asked questions section on “Economic impact payments”, the first thing that the netizen should ensure is that they have entered their personal information correctly.

To use Get My Payment, the user must verify their identity by answering security questions.

In the event that the information you enter does not match what the IRS has on file, you will not be able to complete the application. To avoid the above, you should consider the following:

• Double check what the application requests.
• Make sure what you enter is accurate.
• Try entering your street address in a different way (for example: 123 N Main St instead of 123 North Main St.).
• Use the US Postal Service ZIP search tool to find the standard version of your address and enter it in Get My Payment exactly as it appears on file with the Postal Service.

24 hour lock

The IRS also alerted Americans that if they enter the data incorrectly three times, the system will block their access for 24 hours for security reasons.

“If the information you enter does not match our records multiple times, access to Get My Payment will be blocked for 24 hours for security reasons. If you can’t verify your identity, you won’t be able to use Get My Payment. The lock will only be released when the 24 hours have passed. Do not contact the IRS for help with a lock, an IRS assistant cannot unlock your account ”, they specify from the website.

Another situation that the user may experience is that the service throws the message “Payment status not available”. This means that the tool cannot determine your eligibility for a payment on the spot. The top two reasons for the above is that you did not file a 2019 tax return (2018 or 2019 for the first payment) or if you recently filed and the return has not been processed yet.


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