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He did it again! Eduardo Yáñez furiously attacked a reporter | The State

Eduardo Yanez He again got involved in an ugly altercation with the press. This time it was at the Mexico City Airport when he confronted and held the microphone of the reporter from “Venga la Alegría” from TV Azteca.

“Remove your microphone!”, demanded the reporter Gabriel Cuevas with a hint of fury. The same one he showed when he slapped Paco Fuentes from “El Gordo y la Flaca”.

Yáñez argued that he wanted space and that reporters should not approach him so much as a health measure in the face of the pandemic.

The actor not only slapped Cuevas, he also insulted him with qualifications as “stupid.” According to the reporter, Yáñez’s team managed with his company not to spread the incident, but everything was unsuccessful.

Criticism on social networks did not wait and condemned a new violent episode of the Mexican actor.

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