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Ana Patricia Gámez revealed how she deals with cellulite | The State

After a long Christmas break, Ana Patricia Gamez She returns to the US screens with “Enamorándonos” (Unimás), launches a line of girdles and combines her work with her role as the mother of Gael and Giulietta.

– When you’re not on the show, what do you miss the most?
I miss the glamor, because right now I had to comb my hair, I had to put on make-up, right? So, in “Falling in love” the glamor with Millie (the makeup artist) is full, so that’s one of the things that I miss the most and Rafael’s (Araneda) jokes, that sometimes I can’t stand it and I want to hang him, but you amazing.

– What plans do you have this year?
I am launching my line of girdles, for girls who want to have a waist or who want their clothes to look more beautiful.

– But Ana, do you wear a girdle?
I, my love, my whole life, I’m going to tell you why. Obviously, the pants, the jumpsuits you put them on, but with underwear it is marked, and I’m not talking about those girdles that are the kind that you can’t stand them and that you can’t wear but as a medium pressure they make you look more beautiful and do not see cellulite.

“We all have cellulite, in what are the thighs, the back of the legs, so with these (girdles) you can’t be seen.”

The presenter has her hands full between her work, her business and her role as a mother, especially now that the youngest in the house has “mamitis”.

“Gael is going to pre-K, but right now he has mastitis, he has acute mastitis. He does not leave me alone: ​​changing his diaper, giving him a bottle, feeding him, he holds my hand while we are in the house, but they say that the boys belong to mother and I am delighted, imagine, of course! ”.

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