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Natalia Jiménez announces her separation after six years of marriage with Daniel Trueba | The State

A few hours ago through social networks, the singer Natalia Jimenez confirmed that he had started the process of separating Daniel Trueba after six years of marriage, noting that the divorce decision was made several months ago, but that he was waiting to talk about it and was doing so now to reduce any speculation.

“To avoid and reduce any type of speculation, I have decided to face the rumors and confirm my process of marital separation from Mr. Daniel Trueba,” he explains in the message, where he announces the end of his marriage.

The singer also clarified that she will not give interviews or public comments on the matter, since Daniel and she want to take this personally for the sake of their daughter, as they both consider it a priority.

“(…) I thought it convenient to announce it when everything was optimally accommodated for our daughter Alessandra. At the moment I am not going to give interviews or issue any other type of comment about it, ”Natalia concluded.

For a long time, the marriage of Jiménez and Trueba was in the middle of rumors of divorce, a fact that gained strength with time and the artist’s publications, where she did not mention her husband as before. So, more calm and willing, she came out to clarify that they decided to go their separate ways.

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