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Baby dies after her father left her home alone for more than 10 hours | The State

A young father from Orlando, Florida named Wilner Belizaire, has been arrested after being charged with child neglect, after She left her baby home alone for more than 10 hours so she could go to work and stay one more shift to earn extra money.

It all happened on December 22 when Belizaire, 21, couldn’t find a babysitter to stay with her baby that day, so she decided to leave little Jazmyn, about 4 months old, alone in her crib, thinking that nothing would happen to her.

Returning home after a long day at work, the man found his baby unconscious, lying face down in his crib.

Despite quickly calling emergency services, rescuers were unable to do anything to save the baby because she had already passed away.

According to the statements given to the authorities, Belizaire said he was a single father and that that day he worked a double shift in order to get a little more money, which would help him pay for the expenses of the house and his daughter.

Daily star reported that the man was arrested and released on bail on January 4; however, he faces a child neglect charge that could end up with a sentence of up to 15 years in prison.


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