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Security has always been one of the key elements in the organization of the inaugural presidential ceremony and secondary events, but for the arrival of the president-elect Joe biden, the Committee and the Secret Service pay special attention to surveillance, due to the threat of armed protests in the capital of the country and other states.

The FBI launched an alert last week about threatened armed mobilizations in all 50 states and in Washington, D.C., urging the deployment of law enforcement agencies.

Within hours, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) approved the Secret Service to begin its special operation on January 13, not on January 19, as planned, after the attack on the Capitol.

By that day they were already deployed near 20,000 elements of the National Guard at various points in the US capital with special attention to the Capitol, where the swearing-in ceremony of President-elect Biden and Vice-President-elect Kamala harris.

“The Capitol thing was horrible… we are in contact with the security men for the inauguration… the Secret Service has more than a year planning everything. I have all the confidence in the world that all the changes that have to be made are being implemented “, said Audrey Lopez, Director of Hispanic Media of the Inaugural Committee in a podcast of A City Without Limits and He Daily.

He added that the priority is for the transition to be peaceful, in addition to the Secret Service making constant changes, in order to improve surveillance.

“We know they are making certain changes,” he said. There are adjustments that are made at the last minute, especially regarding the central ceremonies and the inauguration.

Such is the level of security that this Monday a group that was doing rehearsals in the Capitol was evicted after a fire broke out a few blocks away. He Secret Service reported that it has a complex surveillance deployment and rules out taking any alert lightly.

Avoid travel to Washington

Lopez said that in addition to the security after the events in the Capitol, the Inaugural Committee follows the health guidelines for the coronavirus pandemic, for which both elements force to prohibit access and the meeting of groups.

“We are telling everyone not to come to Washington, please, that it is easier to see it in their houses … We are in the middle of a pandemic and for us the most important thing is security”, he expressed. “This year there are no public tickets… I doubt that (people) can pass! There will be guards everywhere ”.

He added that the official call for the ceremony is made by a bicameral Committee, who extend the invitations to congressmen and other characters, including the family of President-elect Biden and Vice President Harris.

Republicans are also among the guests, including those who openly defend the president Donald trump, but who will attend is unknown.

“They invite everyone (the congressmen) and they will have to decide whether or not to go. It is a personal decision that each one is going to make ”, he indicated.

President Trump and the first lady will not attend the ceremony Melania Trump, but the presence of the vice president is expected Mike pence.

In addition to military and police forces, metal fences were placed in various perimeters.

Diversity and Latino presence

The Committee is organizing several events, including concerts, parades, a tribute to victims of COVID-19, where the Latino community will have a broad presence, starting with the musical event after the inauguration, with the Jennifer Lopez participation.

Regarding international guests, such as Latin American leaders, he said that the Committee responsible for this has extended the invitations, but the names are still unknown, either because they have not confirmed or will not attend.

He added that Latinos should pay attention to President Biden’s agenda, which includes various projects for the community, but stressed that the entire government plan impacts all communities.

“It is important because everything that happens through the government affects us in one way or another… if it is education it affects us, because we have children in schools; if it is immigration, it affects us because we are immigrants or because our parents; if this national security issue, it also affects us ”, he stated. “When President-elect Biden’s agenda comes out, find out, see how it will affect you … it will be a very aggressive agenda.”

This Monday, the Inaugural Committee announced the virtual programming that celebrates the diversity of the country that includes “We Are One ”(“ We are One ”).

“The official programming of the PIC will include three additional events highlighting the various coalitions ”, highlight the organizers.

The one focused on Latinos is “Heritage, resilience and promise”, coordinated with the Hispanic Federation and more than 50 organizations.

The event will be hosted by Eva Longoria and will have the participation of Lin-Manuel Miranda, John Leguizamo, Rita Moreno, Edward James Olmos, Ivy Queen and Becky G.

It will be broadcast live on The Choice channel on Peacock, as well as Telemundo’s digital and social platforms starting at 9:30 p.m. from the east.

More information

To find details of all the events you can consult the Spanish page of the Committee:


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