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What happens in the body when eating potato chips on sticks | The State

There are no doubts, one of the more appetizing foods, delicious and yes although it hurts us to say it Guilty! that exist are the potato chips, also popularly known by the term “French fries”. It is one of the star garnishes in every chain of fast food and they are simply potatoes that are cut in the form of sticks and fry in very hot oile until are golden, are removed and finally seasoned in principle with a good dose of salt.

However, the sad news is that despite his undeniable exquisiteness, follow a diet rich in french fries regularly, it will undoubtedly bring consequences to short and long term. And precisely speaking of its effects on future health, there are references that prove its disadvantages. Such is the case of this published study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, in which there was the participation of 4,500 adults, who used to give a fries feast more of biweekly and the results were overwhelming: this habit doubles the risk of premature death. To have more perspective, the researchers noted that the oils in which potatoes are usually fried are the Driving force behind increased health risk, much less than the potatoes themselves. We know that potatoes are a healthy food full of goodnessHowever, what happens when you fry them is overwhelming; they become a food highly caloric, rich in trans fat, and lacking in nutrients.

Other revealing fact of this study, is that the researchers they couldn’t match the prepared potatoes by other means with a increased risk of premature death. Therefore the latent health problem lies in the fried preparation in hydrogenated oils, not in the consumption of potatoes.

Therefore if you are a lover of french fries and you usually consider that there is no greater mess in consuming them once a week, after knowing their side effects … You will probably change your mind.

1. Stomach conditions

It is evident that so much fat will have effects on the body and mainly in the digestive system. The reason is simple, fats are digested much more slowly by the body that Carbohydrates and proteins. Also derived from cooking method in abundant oil (which is usually reused), they become a very caloric food and therefore they will stay in the stomach for much longer than any other lighter and more natural food. As a result of this, according to A study published in the magazine Ultrasound International Open, the consumption of potato chips is associated with a higher probability of suffer stomach pains. Others side effects specifically related to digestion of fried foods include: nnausea, diarrhea, bloating, and cramps.

2. Alterations in brain function

We tend to think that foods like potato chips are the most harmful to him body weight And of course it is true, however its recurrent consumption is related to other affectations that we did not even imagine. One of the main ones are various alterations in brain function, since potatoes fry in hydrogenated oils, contain a high amount of trans fat, which increase bad cholesterol and lower good cholesterol. The profound effect of this is that it will increase the risk of heart disease. According A study with duration of 10 years that involved 1,600 seniors in Japan and published in the Neurology journal, the people with higher levels of trans fat they had up to a 75% more likely to develop the Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. This is one of the many reasons why French fries are one of the worst foods for the brain, your high fat content affects the cognitive functions like memory, concentration and learning.

3. Depressed immune system

Another of the serious damage to follow a high fat diet, is that it directly affects the functioning and vitality of the immune system and is associated with a considerable decrease in immunity. According A study published in the magazine Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition & Metabolic Care, eat one high-fat and greasy diet (which, if you eat a lot of fries, you definitely are), you could be harming your gut at the microbiome level. The reason is that fatty foods stimulate the unhealthy bacteria and decrease the healthier bacteria of the intestinal flora. It is well known the close relationship that exist the gut and the immune system of your body, so that these Feeding Habits they will only make us more likely to suffer from all kinds of diseases and infections.

4. Increases the risk of heart disease

It is well known that fats are directly related to cardiac affectations, which put health at risk. A study made with the participation of 150,000 military veteranss and headed by researchers from the Department of Veterans Affairs of the United States and the Massachusetts Veterans Epidemiological Research and Information Center. Found that eat fried foods three times a week is related to a risk 7% higher of suffer heart attacks and strokes. So if the study participants they consumed fried foods every day his risk was doubling to 15%. And this is how the results of the study were overwhelming and found a direct relationship between the consumption of fried foods and the incidence of cardiovascular disease [sobre todo de enfermedad de las arterias coronarias].

5. Weight gain

We cannot leave without mentioning one of the main affectations of a high consumption of high-fat foods. The reason is simple: chen the food they are fried in fat, they turn into super calorie pumps and therefore consuming them on a recurring basis is the key to gain weight and increase the percentage of body fat. Of course there is a lot scientific evidence that supports it, such is the case of link between fries and waist. According A study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that eat fried food is directly related to the cases of obesity.


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