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While Fernanda Castillo is still hospitalized, and her best friend sends her this message | The State

The concern continues for the greeting of Fernanda Castillo, who was admitted to the emergency room on Monday, January 11, apparently due to a complication derived from childbirth.

Her husband, Erik hayser, was the one who confirmed the information he gave yesterday ‘First impact’, and in addition, it does not separate from its side, despite the restrictions that hospitals have throughout the world due to the COVID-19 protocol.

Who also reacted to this worrying news, was the actor Mauricio Martinez, who is Fernanda’s best friend for many years. They both call each other ‘brother’ and are there for each other in everything.

Through his Instagram account, with a very moving photo of a production, he expressed his love with these words: “So today and always. I love you. #brotherandsisterforlife ♥ ️ ”.

Mauricio deactivated the messages, possibly to avoid being asked in the comments about the health of the ‘Monarca’ actress, something that has remained completely secretive up to now.

Let’s remember that Fernanda Castillo gave birth to her firstborn Liam on December 19, and it was precisely for the holidays that she presented the baby on social networks, her husband also posing with them.


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