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Landmark Decision: UFC Decriminalizes Marijuana Use | The State

Landmark decision: UFC decriminalizes marijuana use

Recreational use ceased to be illegal in the mixed martial arts championship

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Starting today, a positive for carboxy-THC, the addictive component of cannabis, will no longer be considered as doping in UFC, since the championship of mixed martial arts considers that this substance does not have a relevant correlation with the performance of the fighters.

The exception to the rule is to fight under the influence of this substance, since it will remain illegal if it is detected that it was consumed by a fighter the same day of the fight.

While we want to continue to prevent athletes from competing under the influence of marijuana, we have learned that levels of carboxy-THC in blood and / or urine have little or no scientific correlation with impairment“, Explained Jeff novitzky, the UFC’s senior vice president of athletic health and performance in a statement.

This decision comes after the recreational use of marijuana has been legalized in some states of the United States; In the UFC, the rule was implemented today retroactively from January 1, 2021.


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