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Jennifer Lopez's fiancé, Alex Rodriguez in trouble and can even go to prison | The State

Jennifer Lopez's fiancé, Alex Rodriguez in a tremendous trouble and may even go to prison

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez


Thirteen years ago Alex Rodriguez, the current boyfriend of Jennifer Lopez, was married to Cynthia scurtis for 6 years and with whom he had two daughters. The brother of the same and ex-brother-in-law of the former player, Constantine scurtisHe is being sued for $ 50 million but could even land him in prison.

The athlete, who played for years for the Yankees, is being accused by his daughters’ uncle for allegedly conspiring against him when they had a million-dollar real estate deal together. He also said that Alex is a “Liar and manipulative”, who withheld some details of the company’s activities from him.

Further, Scurtis alleges that Alex He did everything possible to drive him away from the company and to blackmail him into agreeing to certain negotiations. To check it, Alex Rodriguez You could even face charges that could put you in jail.

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