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Mhoni Seer predicts that Kim Kardashian will present the woman of his life, so he leaves Kanye West The State

Mhoni Seer predicts that Kim Kardashian will introduce the woman of his life, that's why he leaves Kanye West

Kim Kardashian.

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  • The beginning of the end: This means that the end of the virus is coming. The distance is over. Despite the vaccine, the seer also asks that people should take care of themselves due to the cold that will break out in January, this will be the most serious month.
  • War in Israel and Palestine: I envision a new war in these lands.
  • Strong earthquake: New earthquakes are coming in Mexico and several of its cities. This warns that the energies of the earth are changing.
  • Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: The separation is true, but Kim is breaking new love and dating a woman. I visualize her very in love with a woman who is very close to her. All this will be known thanks to Kanye West.
  • Cesar D’Alessio: He will have a problem, because he gets the devil’s card on his back. If you do not have a car accident, you may have legal problems.
  • Roberto Palazuelos: The famous will be a father in 2021 and will have a girl.
  • Joe Biden: The new president of the United States must guard against the attacks.

Predictions of Mhoni Seer.


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