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Biden will send immigration reform to Congress as soon as his government begins | The State

Biden will send immigration reform to Congress as soon as his government begins

President-elect Joe Biden considers the immigration system one of his priorities.

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The president-elect Joe biden He has a broad agenda for his first 100 days in office, but there are two priorities that he has clearly set: immigration reform and economic recovery in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

“I will present an immigration bill immediately and send it to the appropriate committees (of Congress) to start the process.he said in Wilmington, Delaware.

Thus he responded directly to questions about his first actions nine days after the inauguration of his government.

He added that his plan is to reverse the immigration policies of President Donald Trump that, according to experts, such as the Dr. Nestor Castillo, can be modified by orderexecutive or administrative processes on the interpretation of current laws, in addition to the modifications that Congress must make.

“Of course, we are going to see of all the immigration proposals that Mr. Biden has made, which ones he will realistically be able to implement”, said Dr. Castillo. “One of the easiest is any executive action that President Trump has taken can be reversed by another executive action by President Biden, it can be taken immediately.”

Tom Jawetz, Vice President of Immigration Policy of the Center for American Progress (CAP), confirmed that the Democrat can promote changes with executive orders, in order to outline the reorganization of the immigration system.

He added that Biden should impose “A 100-day moratorium on deportations”, while the pending cases of immigrants in danger of expulsion are reviewed.

President Trump’s executive orders must also be “immediately rescinded, as well as” entrusted to cabinet secretaries the responsibility of delivering new plans. “

“After the last four years, the task of repairing the damage done to our immigration system and immigrant communities is enormous. But because the stakes are high, the work must begin immediately and be sustained during the incoming administration, ”said Jawetz.

Biden’s immigration project is broad, but although experts agree that reform from Congress is essential, there are substantial advances that it can achieve, such as: stop deportations of immigrants without criminal records, extend protection programs such as TPS and DACA, reverse policies that complicate obtaining “Green card” and they punish the poorest, among others.

Given that the Democrats won a majority in the Senate, it is possible that Biden will move forward with his immigration plans, but experts have also indicated that there are differences between congressmen of the same party, which could complicate the advance of the proposed plans.

“Even with the Democrats in control of the House, nothing guarantees you that there will be an immigration reform, although obviously one has more expectations,” said Dr. Castillo.


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