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In Luxury: Conor McGregor Acquires $ 3 Million Watches | The State

In luxury: Conor McGregor acquires $ 3 million watches

Conor McGregor will return to the Octagon on January 23.

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The eccentric Conor McGregor began to make noise on social networks in the face of the fight that will take place in UFC 257 in Fight island against Dustin Poirer, and this time he attracted attention by presuming that he acquired two luxurious watches from the Jacob & Co. brand whose combined value is approximately $ 3 million.

The first of the pieces of jewelry that she acquired was a model Astronomy Tourbillon Baguette of the aforementioned firm, which is valued at a million dollars and is so exclusive that only nine units were manufactured in the world.

The watch has a base of 342 diamonds and works with a three-axis tourbillon, in addition to other 80 diamond pieces on the handles. It has domed sapphire crystal, the screws were hand polished and made with titanium and lacquered aluminum. The Astronomia case is made of 18-karat rose gold.

Conor McGregor made his acquisition evident on his social networks, in which shared several videos and photos of the luxurious model.

The other part, which is twice as expensive as the first, is a Rasputin Tourbillon Erotic, of the same signature as the previous one, only this one has 514 diamonds and a curious detail: includes una animation, that can be hidden, of a couple having sex. The latter McGregor only showed it off in his Instagram Stories.

According to Forbes, The estimated net worth of “The Notorious” is $ 99 million And he will continue to grow, since he has several businesses and next weekend he will fight in the UFC again.


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