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It is very common to see a beggar on the corner of a street with a sign that says: “I have no job, I have no money and I am hungry.” But, what would you think if one day you see a man with a sign that says: “I have a house, a car and a job, and I give money”

Incredible as it sounds, this happened to hundreds of drivers in Oklahoma City. The video was uploaded to Facebook and went viral. This video shows Doug Eaton, a 65-year-old man, who decided – on his birthday – to stand on a corner to give away $ 5 bills. You imagine? It is normal to find a beggar on the corner begging, but it is almost impossible to find someone giving money on a corner.

When asked what motivated him to give away money on the street, he assured that it has been one of the most pleasant experiences of his life. “It gave me immense satisfaction to see the faces of wonder and joy when they received my gift,” Doug found once again that it is more pleasant to give than to receive.

However, the vast majority think that happiness is found in receiving and not in giving. But, reflect for a few minutes on those occasions where you have felt the most satisfied. I have no doubt that at that moment you were giving something. Perhaps, you gave your time, you gave your love, you shared your knowledge and talents, you gave birth to a child, or you simply gave a gift. You realize? Your proudest and happiest moments happened when you gave something to the world.

So do you want to feel happiness? I motivate you to make an effort to give in 2021. Give encouragement to whoever needs it, give a handout to a beggar, or give a “like” to whoever made you laugh on Facebook. The greatest satisfaction there is is in giving and when you do, you automatically feel happy.

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