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Cristian Castro couldn't take it anymore and finally formally introduced his new partner | The State

Cristian Castro could not take it anymore and finally formally introduced his new partner

Cristian castro.

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Until a few days ago it was only known that Cristian castro He was in a new relationship, as he had been caught in the company of a woman and it was until now that the singer made known, after a long time of being single, formally the young blonde with whom he is dating and dedicated some beautiful words of ‘welcome’ to your life.

“Hello everyone! After a long time, years, of being single, you know everything I have been through, my romantic failures. Today Maite It is part of my life and I want to welcome it and let you know it, for all those people who have doubts about what is happening with my personal life. “Cristian wrote completely in love under his post on Instagram.

Although Maite’s face is not clearly visible, it is enough for us that the son of Veronica Castro He is very happy, because he himself makes it clear that he hopes for the best to come in this new stage of his life: “What I most desire is that life gives us its blessings.”

Finally, the actor also thanked his fans for the support they have given him: “Those who follow me with true love I know they will be just as happy as me. Thank you all very much, thank you for showing this love, you are part too ”.

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