New York City Cancels Contracts with Donald Trump Companies | The State

“The President incited a rebellion against the United States Government that killed five people and threatened derail the constitutional transfer of power. AND New York City will not associate with those unforgivable acts in any way or form, and we are taking immediate steps to terminate all contracts from Trump Organization“.

With these forceful words the Mayor Bill de Blasio described in a statement released this Wednesday, the decision of your Administration to cancel all contracts they have with Donald Trump’s companies in the Big Apple.

Specifically, the City currently has three contracts with the ‘Trump Organization’, which allow the President’s companies to operate the central park carousel, the ‘Wollman’ and ‘Lasker’ ice skating rinks, also located in Central Park, and the ‘Ferry Point Golf’, a golf course located in the Bronx.

The De Blasio Administration indicated that the next step is to officially notify the Trump Organization that the City will begin the process to cancel its agreements immediately.

“Trump’s incitement to violence on our Capitol was an abomination,” said the City’s lead attorney. James E. Johnson. The head of the Legal Department indicated that in light of last week’s attack on our Capitol and our democracy, “we have come to the conclusion that the best thing for New Yorkers is that the City begins the process of canceling these contracts and end its business ties with the Trump Organization. “

The completion process for each location is detailed in each of the City’s agreements. The carousel is currently closed and the termination will take effect 25 days after the City’s notice of termination is delivered. The agreement for the Wollman and Lasker tracks ends after 30 days of written notice. While the process to cancel the Ferry Point golf course is more detailed and is expected to take several months.


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