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Saira Khan's powerful message as she admits not all sisterhoods are friendly

Saira Khan delivered her wisdom about sisterhoods not all being friendly to her followers.

The outspoken star, 50, recently announced she was leaving Loose Women after five years on the panel.

As she moves on with her personal life, Saira shared a mysterious message advising her 91.1k followers to be wary of sisterhoods which are not “friendly, kind, supportive places”.

Accompanied with her insightful message, the TV sensation shared a throwback photograph with her friends Giovanna and Louise in Chamonix France where they both live.

The presenter hailed her friends for their “friendship, loyalty, honesty and dependability”.

In her lengthy post, she wrote: “This memory just popped up on my phone. This is me in 2019 with my friends Giovanna and Louise in Chamonix France. They both live out there and when I go and visit we bond together over our love for spirituality, health, fitness, the great outdoors and family.

“We all have different life experiences, perspectives and opinions, but what keeps this friendship strong, despite the distance is our love for keeping the “sisterhood”. What that means is being true to the friendship, loyal, honest and dependable – we help each other out.

“Being part of a healthy “sisterhood” gives me an underlying confidence that I always have someone I can turn to if I want a chat, a shoulder to cry on, a pick me up, or reassurance that I’m doing the right thing.”

However, Saira revealed not all sisterhoods have a healthy impact on people’s lives.

The mother explained she has been part of sisterhoods which bring out traits like envy, spite and disloyalty.

She went on: “Not all “sisterhoods” are friendly, kind, supportive places. Not all women use the “sisterhood” as a place to enhance the lives and opportunities of other women.

“There have been times when I’ve not been the best “sister” and let myself down due to my own insecurities and fear leading me to feel threatened, bringing out those horrible traits of envy, spite and disloyalty.

“But, sometimes that’s also because of the company that I have kept and have been very disappointed with myself for being led astray – I was weak and pathetic – I’ve only got myself to blame and I’m ashamed I stooped so low.”

In the cryptic message, Saira advised people to abandon their sisterhoods if it makes them feel anxious or upset or stressed.

The guru championed self care of the mind and getting to the root of what makes you feel happy or unhappy.

She went on: “But I’ve learnt from my mistakes and have worked hard to be a better person, to go back to my true values and not feel the need to be someone I’m not, just to fit in. If your “sisterhood”, is making you feel anxious, upset, stressed and affecting your mental health in a bad way – my advice is get yourself some new sisters.

“Self care is not just about beauty regimes, exercises and going for a walk – it’s about really sitting down with yourself and getting to the root of what makes you feel happy and unhappy. My daughter will only learn about the beauty and power of “The Sisterhood” from the ones I belong too.”

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