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If it causes you anguish look at objects with holes or do you feel dizziness and anxiety in the presence of such objects, you may suffer from trypophobia. While is true that not known much about this type of phobia, symptoms They are the same as any other phobia.

What is Trypophobia

Its about irrational fear or disgust for holes. Those who suffer from this phobia cannot be before the presence of surfaces containing small or large holes and that they are very close, according to Healthline.

Unfortunately, not much is known about this phobia, and is not recognized in a way official. However, this does not mean that it does not exist or that it is not real.

In fact, different studies that have been carried out on the subject have been limited and differ from each other, so no one has been reached conclusion that determines trypophobia as an official condition.

Who look at the surface of objects with small holes, like the body of a strawberry, the honeycomb of bees, or the head of a lotus seed pod, they feel dizzy or anxiety and others discomforts.

What are the symptoms and what causes it

According to the studies carried out, symptoms that are presented are discomfort, visual fatigue, distortions or delusions visual, distress, seizures panic, nausea, sweating, body and skin shaking bristling.

Now, what causes these symptoms are objects, or fruits that contain small holes. Among them are the honeycombs, the corals, the lotus seed pods, the foam, fruits such as strawberries and pomegranates, bubbles, condensation, among others.

But the animals they are also capable of producing the sensations described above. Among them are insects, amphibians, mammals and other animals that have spots on the skin or the fur.

Trypophobia is a condition that is not easy to diagnose because it is not officially recognized. Source: Pexels

Diagnosis and treatment

Phobias are diagnosed through a series of Symptom-related questions. He medical history it is also taken into account. The point is that trypophobia, not being officially recognized by the medical associations mental health, it can’t be diagnosable.

This is not to say that the problem does not exist. Rather, it is expected gather more evidence to try to arrive at a conclusion adequate.

However, for treat phobias there are different types of therapies, the most effective, from the point of view of psychology, is the therapy of exposition. It is a type of psychotherapy whose objective is change the answer to what produces or generates the phobia.

Another therapy is cognitive behavioral, which combines exposure therapy with techniques that allow control anxiety so that the thoughts become overwhelming.

Other treatments are relaxation techniques, such as yoga, talk therapy, physical activity to control anxiety and sleep therapy.

Trypophobia is one of the most common phobias unusual that exist, and that does not stop representing a problem for those who suffer from it. So it is better to search specialized help to overcome it and have a stable mental health.

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