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Fisher-Price Launches a Line of Vintage Toys Inspired by Eighties and Nineties Technology | The State

Fisher-Price Launches A Line Of Vintage Toys Inspired By Eighties And Nineties Technology

In October Fisher-Price opened its virtual toy museum through its Instagram account.

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Fisher-Price has launched a new series of toys that children and their parents will enjoy alike. The new product line Laugh & Learn is inspired by the products of the 1980s and 1990s, aiming to lean toward young parents’ love for nostalgia and relive your childhood memories.

“At Fisher-Price we are always looking for ways to create playful connections between the children and adults in their lives,” said Chuck Scothon, Fisher-Price Senior Vice President and Mattel’s Global Head of Infant and Preschool.

Among the toys is the Busy Boombox, which features music and baby lessons that sells for $ 19.99. There’s also the Puppy’s Mixtape, for $ 7.99, it looks like a cassette tape that teaches the alphabet, numbers, and colors through songs, sounds, and phrases.

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The new line also includes Lil ’Gamer, for $ 9.99, a handheld game“ console ”with nostalgic music, sounds and phrases indicating directions, colors, numbers and shapes.

In August Fisher-Price launched a series of toys inspired by the new way of working from home fueled by the coronavirus pandemic. Mattel, owner of Fisher-Price, also launched a new line of action figures and toys that resemble essential workers, including doctors, nurses, emergency medical technicians, grocery store workers and even delivery men.

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