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How you should prepare daily coffee to help prolong your life, according to science | The State

How you should prepare daily coffee to help prolong your life, according to science

Drinking a small cup of espresso coffee in the morning is a powerful ally to live longer and better. Find out everything about this recent study.

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Well says this popular adage: each head is a world and when it comes to coffee more, genres are broken in tastes and everyone has their own favorite way to make coffee. The truth is that there are countless studies and research works, in which the medicinal properties of coffee. Considered one of the natural stimulants most popular and consumed around the world, coffee is not only the perfect ally for wake up and be more lucid in the morning; It can be a great health ally.

When it comes to benefits, coffee customs of Italians come to light. In a way it is not no secret what in Italy love to drink strong coffee, that is to say with the higher caffeine content possible and that is why your presentation of favorite coffee, It will always be the espresso. It has been proven that this habit is not only related to a immense stimulating power what improves physical and mental performance. It has a new study that proves the exceptional benefits of drinking espresso to health. Specifically, drink an espresso coffee every morning is associated as a great agent in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and certain types of cancer, therefore the researchers relate it as a habit that helps to live longer.

The study is the most recent, it was published on December 31, 2020 in The Journal of Nutrition and in the research work the relationship between 20,487 people and your daily coffee intake “Italian style”, also know as espresso. It turns out a study very relevant It is based on two key factors: a high participation rate and study a long period of time, which makes the results more accurate. It should be mentioned that at the beginning of the experiment, none of the participants had cardiovascular disease or some type of cancer, the candidates drank around 30 ml or more of espresso coffee every day during more than eight years. The results were overwhelming: the scientists found that compared to the candidates who they didn’t drink coffee, just the habit of consuming three to four shots of espresso a day was associated with a lower risk of mortality for all causes and, specifically, for cardiovascular diseases. Awesome! Researchers believe that these wonderful medicinal effects, are due to a specific compound called NTproBNP.

As in everything they exist different ways to enjoy coffee and it’s true that Italians too they usually add milk in the form of delicious and fluffy cappuccinos, caffè lattes or latte macchiatosHowever, his espresso consumption is outstanding. Not in vain is Italy considered “The country of espresso par excellence”, there is data that confirms a annual consumption per person of 6 kilos.

He espresso is a preparation originating in Italy, which is characterized by its quick preparation and for being a coffee that carries a flavor and more concentrated texture. A espresso, has the peculiarity of being very finely ground and through which a certain amount of water whose temperature is close to boiling point. The best of all is that espresso coffee is one of the versions that most allows us to obtain the rest of the therapeutic benefits offered by coffee, since in principle it is one of the most low in calories.

Now you know: If you consider yourself a loyal coffee lover and somehow you don’t survive the morning without a cup, the best alternative protect cardiovascular health, prevent chronic conditions and live longeror, is to change by espresso. Among the most popular presentations are:

  1. Simple espresso, simple or espresso: It is considered the extraction of 25 ml of drink from 7 grams ground coffee, with water at 88 ° C, 9 bars of pressure and in a time of 25 seconds.
  2. Double espresso or doppio: As the name implies, it is a double espresso. It arises from the extraction of coffee from approximately 14 grams of ground coffee, in a time between 20 and 30 seconds, obtaining 60 milliliters of drink.
  3. Short espresso or ristretto: It is the smallest and most concentrated presentation, it is obtained from 7.5 grams of ground coffee in a time between 15 and 20 seconds giving an extraction of 15 milliliters. Because less water passes through the same amount of coffee, you get a more concentrated drink. According to the Italians it is described as “Little ma buono” (little but good).
  4. Long espresso or lungo: It is the lightest version in terms of concentration, they are used approximately 7.5 grams of coffee and they pretend 40 milliliters of water, extracting it in a time between 30 and 40 seconds. It is an espresso diluted with a little more water, but more concentrated than the typical American coffee.
  5. Cut espresso or macchiato: It is the only version of espresso in which an additional element is added, since it is mixed with 10 to 15 milliliters of hot or cold milk. It is a good alternative for those who have some gastrointestinal disease, since milk does less acid.


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