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Maripily Reveals Against Followers And Says She Will Trade Her Boyfriends "Like Checks" | The State

Maripily reveals herself against followers and says she will trade her boyfriends 'like checks'

Maripily Rivera.

Alberto E. Tamargo. / Grosby Group

The very sensual and spectacular Maripily rivera made a ‘Live’ and she responded to all those people who criticize her and say that she has several boyfriends and that she changes them all the time. No mincing words, he signed that while “She lives and feels happy, because she will have one, two, three, four, five and whatever is necessary and causes her to have”.

This comes to light since, during Christmas and part of January, the fitness model was in Tulum giving himself a well-deserved vacation and in it he introduced his new love and hinted that he was on a little honeymoon enjoying his good company.

Apparently, many people criticized “the speed” with which the Puerto Rican changes partners or the frequency with which she does so, when in reality that is a personal decision or at least she expressed it that way. He stressed that the couple will change “Like checks” if a relationship doesn’t work and another one comes along that gives you hope. The truth is that, with or without a boyfriend, Maripily He faces criticism in a direct, public and polite way as he has always shown.


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