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Sol Pérez, the Argentine Yanet García, dismissed 2020 with an outburst and in a skirt | The State

Difficulties everywhere, prolonged isolation, economic crisis and, above all, a lot of uncertainty. For that and other variables, many people prefer to forget about 2020. Without a filter, the Argentine Yanet García, Sol Pérez he referred to the year we left with an outburst.

On the eve of the New Year, different personalities took to social networks to express their wishes and good omens. Sol Pérez did the same and, in addition, added a dedication to the difficult and busy 2020.

Fuck… this 2020. I wish you love and health in this new year. Thanks for all the love ever. I wish you all are very happy“Wrote the model and Channel 26 host from her Instagram account.

The text by Sol Pérez accompanied a photo gallery on the edge of a pool and showed the look with which she received 2021. Delicate pink shoes, a sexy white skirt and a top of the same color made up the outfit of the model and driver.

Like each and every one of his posts, the farewell to the year of Sol did not go unnoticed. His followers celebrated the message and the photos with more than 140 thousand “likes” and comments where they reciprocated his wishes and also highlighted his statuesque figure.

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