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Will Republicans Accept Stimulus Check Increase to $ 2,000 With Senate Opening? | The State

Will Republicans Accept Stimulus Check Increase to $ 2,000 With Senate Opening?

Senate Leader Mitch McConnell rejects the aid increase to $ 2,000.

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This Sunday the new Congress of the United States is installed and several pending issues will be taken up by the legislators of both houses.

However, there is an issue that remains latent among senators: the increase from $ 600 to $ 2,000 of direct economic aid to families due to the pandemic of COVID-19.

The leader of the Republicans, Mitch McConnell (Kentucky), has opposed the bill passed in the House of Representatives, despite pressure from several of his colleagues.

It is uncertain if McConnell relents and allows the vote requested by the Democratic leader Charles schumer (New York) and Senator Bernie sanders (Vermont), but a high-ranking Republican senator keeps pushing.

Lindsey graham (South Carolina) asked their leader to avoid delaying the approval of the bill.

“With all due respect to my Republican colleagues, a direct payment of $ 2k to individuals and families who are fighting is not socialism,” Graham said. “In my opinion, it is necessary for the times we live in”.

Graham paraphrased leader McConnell, who said last Thursday that approving an increase to the new aid check was “Socialism for the rich”.

“The country is overwhelmed by #COVID, hospitals are full and businesses are hanging by a thread,” Graham warned. “Direct payments may not be the most efficient way to help people in need, but given the situation we are facing, they are extremely necessary.”

The problem facing the approval of the aid increase is the validation of the presidential election, which will take place this week in Congress and is expected to cover the attention of legislators.


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