Video: Selena Gómez loses strength in her hands due to lupus she suffers | The NY Journal


In the recording you can see that the singer is not able to squeeze a lemon, and admits to the cameras that this is due to the lupus disease that she suffers

Selena Gomez she has always been very honest about the disease she has: lupus. And again he made use of this feature during the recording of an episode of his show Selena + CHEF.

During this chapter the singer was trying to squeeze a lemon and could not do it since her hands have lost strength and are weak due to lupus. Even when she tried to exert force on the lemon, and her hands trembled from trying so hard, she was not successful in this situation., which is why her grandfather came to the rescue, took the lemon in his hands and squeezed it for her.

The video has been shared on the Ok Chicas portal, where they also state that the actress and singer has had to deal with this disease that has even led her to have problems with her weight, among other painful experiences. Along with the publication, said site also stated the following: “In addition to the physical effects of the disease, the singer fights against anxiety, panic attacks and bipolarity.”

Here is the recording that includes Selena Gómez’s statement about the weakness in her hands, which can be seen from minute 1:18.



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